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Being More High Tech For Service And Efficiency

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 by

I was surprised today as I went to this sushi buffet with a few people. I have been to these types of places before and usually how it works is you are either given a menu to check off which dishes you want or a waitress/waiter would write the order down on paper and then give it o the kitchen to prepare. In this situation though the person came out with a tablet of sort and started punching in orders which immediately got sent it to the kitchen. The funny thing was for some basic items like the soup or salads they were literally coming out to the table before the entire order was even complete.

Kind of makes you wonder why more places aren’t trying to transition to this type of system as I can only imagine that you will eventually save money as well from having to use all that paper and ink even though the system may cost more initially. In some ways I am inclined to say it’s more about people being too traditional as it is the only way it would work kind of thing.

Giving Tips Before or After Tax

Friday, September 21st, 2012 by

Interesting point this was I thought where the other day I was at a restaurant and it came time to pay for the bill. The person I was with was calculating the bill along with another person on what the tip should be based on the usual 10% to 15% figure. They then both came up with different numbers as one person was calculating the total before tax and the other person was calculating it with the tax included. That then brought up a debate that yo should only be calculating the tip based on the meal price itself and not with the tax included.

That makes me wonder how many people calculate it before the tax and how many do it after and whether or not it is unintentional as it is something you don’t really think about. It definitely does add up too when you think about it. As well, do the people receiving it expect to get a tip based on the before or after tax figure? Kind of amazing though at how much debate something that is supposed to be purely based on your generosity can create when it comes to money.

Online Discounts While At The Restaurant

Friday, July 6th, 2012 by

Today I went to a restaurant for dinner as my parents came back from a vacation and so they wanted visit and figured we go out to eat somewhere. My dad wanted to try this restaurant around the neighborhood and the funny thing was that I specifically remembered this place partnering with an online company that tried to cater to people who want to order their food online where they can then get it delivered, pick it up to go or simply dine in.

As well, since I usually visit a lot of discount and money saving sites I knew a ton of promotional codes such as getting 20% your entire order if you order through that site. So I figured why couldn’t I just turn on my phone and order through this site right now to save money? Sure enough, it worked. The thought of ordering through your phone when you are actually there is a little weird I guess, but a pain-free way to save some money.

Factoring In Location When You Look For Deals

Friday, May 13th, 2011 by

So tomorrow I will be attending a restaurant for a birthday party of sort and one thing that came up was in regards to the location of the place in question. While the restaurant had a chain that was in various locations, certain ones were actually cheaper. For example, ones in a more metropolitan area was cheaper for some odd reason.

I notice supermarkets are often like this many times. Except in those cases it is more about managers being able to set their own deals for a particular chain. That is why too I usually don’t rely just on flyers in trying to find a good deal. Instead, I try to do research from the information that people within certain areas discuss about. You just never know about the local prices that various places may have when it comes to non advertised items.

Asking For Discounts As A Repeat Customer

Thursday, September 30th, 2010 by

I noticed a funny thing today as I was at a restaurant with some people and apparently they dine a lot at the place. It was kind of funny as they just kept asking the waiters/managers to give them discounts, appetizers and desserts for free in a semi joking way that they should be treated as a VIP of sort. Wouldn’t you know it, they got exactly what they asked for.

Not many people would do that when you think about it as I guess it just seems a bit weird to ask for the discounts as you would assume if the business feels that you are valuable enough they will simply offer it directly themselves. The more I think about it too most customers that are loyal to a certain business/store would usually have to ask to receive those types of specialized discounts.

Seems pretty basic yet it’s not surprising to see businesses abide to such requests if you truly do buy a lot from them. No hurt in trying too I’d say.