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Finding Out A Business Lied To You

Thursday, April 17th, 2014 by

Here’s an interesting scenario I saw today. Imagine there was a business scenario where you found out by accident that the other party has been misleading you for their own benefit. Example, it could be as generic as a business claiming they give their proceeds to charity only for you to the find out they actually pocket the money themselves. What would be your first course of action?

The most common answers I believe are you either cut your ties with them immediately or you give them a chance to correct the issue. I heard one response that was kind of interesting where that one person would burn the bridge but not completely. Basically, it’s like leaving but still entertaining the possibility of associating with each other.

I was trying to imagine how one could develop that train of thought though especially if it is the like scenario above. Maybe I watch too many movies, but usually if it is that extreme of a deception then most likely it will happen again. It’s kind of different from say two people having creative differences or one leaving professionally for other opportunities. Then again, you do hear stories of people who say made a living out of scamming people only to completely change as well. Just one of the many tricky situations you can find yourself in when it comes to doing business I suppose.

Hiding or Showing Your Personal Beliefs In Business

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 by

Today I was hearing this guy trying to pitch his design services to all these people in a casual way such as doing some small talk and then showing his portfolio. His work did seem impressive which got some people interested. Now for whatever reason he then started to talk about his philosophical beliefs in lie and some of them were pretty extreme. Because of that, everyone started to seem less interested in ever working with him professionally.

Is it a better idea in cases like these to simply keep any personal life details or beliefs away so people can just focus on what skill or service you are offering? I guess one could argue that sharing their beliefs has attracted them business as well as it can be something that a person relates with and therefore will be more comfortable in doing business with you. Overall, it’s more neutral just to focus on what you offering and how it helps them.

Money Being More Powerful Than The Relationship

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 by

I was reading an interesting piece of news today as there was a company who normally bought all their products from a specific company and for the most part it was a good relationship. All of a sudden that company decided to make the products themselves which in sense killed the other business as a supplier. This caused that business to go on an uproar saying how they were essentially blindsided and thought they had a very good business relationship that is more valuable than the few extra thousand they would make as a result.

The first thing I thought was that is the reality in many cases though as when it comes to a business it’s usually all about money. Therefore, you usually should be planning not to be so dependent on one person or company to be your main source of income in this way as if they find a way to save or make more money then that relationship could change in an instant.

Mentioning Facts And What You Can Do For Them

Monday, September 3rd, 2012 by

Today there was a conversation about relationship building when it came to trying to get a business or company to take notice of you versus everyone else when you are simply the the small guy in a big crowd. The funny thing I thought was that a lot the advices that were given to what was mostly a self employed crowd was really no different than for people who are say doing an interview for a job.

For example, some people are so into talking about themselves and how great they are versus someone who shows a bit of knowledge about the company they are speaking with to demonstrate that they at least have some interest in it. I think that is true in almost everything. Heck, I bet even dates are the something where I’m sure if the person keeps talking about themselves it will probably turn out bad. I’d like to think too that if you were genuinely interesting in forming like some kind of business relationship with another company that researching about them is something you would naturally do.

Just remember it usually comes down to what you can do for them if the other guy holds more authority at the moment.

Making Your Own Lovey Dovey Cards And Messages

Thursday, May 12th, 2011 by

I was having a funny conversation with a person the other day as we were talking about holidays that seemed like they were invented for the sole purpose of selling cards. Most noticeably, any day that involves say celebrating a couple usually involves buying some kind of card. These things can start adding up too.

Then we were talking about how even writing something as simple as a well thought out message to your significant other would speak way more than any card can do. Not only that, you could save money. She was then telling me that one reason people never do it as they just feel so uncomfortable as they have been never trained to do it.

I was then thinking back to school. I don’t know about everyone else, but here in elementary school you were pretty much force to do things such as write all of your classmates a valentine. To a certain extent, learning about writing lovey dovey poems and messages as well. It was pretty straight forward then, so why wouldn’t it be now?

I guess as a kid too it’s one of those things where you work with what you have. Spending $5 on a greeting card at that age probably seems crazy on something they can do themselves. And yes, after we had a little bit of challenge to see if we could write romantic/thoughtful messages.