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Just Showing A Big Number

Friday, March 29th, 2013 by

Today I was looking at a company that was gloating that they were growing so big as apparently they acquired thousand of members in a short amount of time. I was then talking to another person about this as we were curious how legitimate it was. While the people themselves seemed real, the thing was a large portion of these “members” were simply inactive such as signing up just as a trial to see what they were like. Regardless of that, the business is definitely milking it for all it is worth.

What can you say? It’s almost like using sex appeal where it helps to sell regardless of how obvious the marketing tactics are. I suppose quantities does matter in these cases. While like in the above example people in the know will probably rip that number apart to show how it’s not as significant as they would like you to believe, at the end of the day it is an effective marketing tool with the majority of onlookers.

Focusing Too Much On Elite Users

Thursday, February 7th, 2013 by

This was an interesting subject as there was a debate on why one particular Internet platform was so much more popular than another in terms of a user-base. On paper it would seem like the one that has more useful information and dedicated users would prevail. However, its user base was nowhere near what the another company had. The point that was brought up was that the company was focusing too much on the elite users on the site where they pretty much dominated the whole space to the point that casual or new users simply get lost and discouraged from using it anymore.

That was actually a very good point to always consider as many people tend to overlook that. It’s almost no different in like say a job where if all you do is rave and clamour about this one worker who seems to be the one that is constantly producing the best results that can easily discourage everyone else from wanting to be more involved with the business.

I suppose the common sense way to look at it too is that if you are trying to appeal to the masses then you have to focus on the mass as opposed to a small group of people. It’s easier said than done though as I can imagine that the “elite” users in any business are usually the most vocal whereas the regular users would be more likely to keep things to themselves. For example, if you were debating about introducing a new service that was kind of expensive it may look like people are happy with it if you were to look just at the elite group when in reality the majority is simply saying nothing and will just leave.

You need to find a way to get those quiet and smaller people to be more vocal while taking action too I suppose if you want to become big.

Company Blogs To Address Issues To Your Customers

Friday, September 24th, 2010 by

So recently the company Netflix launched its services here and Canada and the company is just having a bad pr streak it seems. At first I read how they hired people to act excited about the launch where apparently these people began talking to the media as well. This gave the impression that the company was trying to manipulate public’s perception.

They then apologized about it on its company blog at That then lead me to read another apology post they made not too long after at as apparently the CEO made a comment about Americans being self absorbed where they won’t really pay too much attention about the price differences in Canada compared to the ones in the US.

This kind of made me think at just how a blog was probably not the best idea to address such an issue. I would be inclined to say that an official press release statement of sort would have been more suitable. While I guess you can argue that blogs are generally more personal and therefore in this situation it would be like the person is apologizing to each person individually, situations like these are a bit too big where people expect you to respond in an equally larger way as well. Simply about perception I guess you can say.