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Giving People Notice That You Are Closing

Thursday, January 31st, 2013 by

It seemed like the top story in so many news reports here today was how the Company Best Buy was closing down a few of its stores due to the lack of sales and how this meant hundreds of people are now unemployed. Interestingly enough the main thing about the story that interested most people was how employees were essentially blind sided over this as they simply showed up to work only to find out that the store was immediately closed and that they would all have to find new jobs.

That painted the business in a negative light it seemed as to many it demonstrated that they didn’t really care much about say the employees or the public to even give them some kind of warning that this was going to happen. Not something you would think would be that big of a deal huh? I suppose it’s worst for businesses that have a lot of stores as the image of it will carry on to the other businesses as well. Even big businesses have to show courtesy compassion at times.

Showing How Good You Are or How Bad They Are

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013 by

Which one of these tactics do you think would compel you to trust one company over the other? For example, if it was a food product would highlighting why yours is so good be more effective or trying to convince people say the other company’s product are so unhealthy? I was looking at some examples and for the most part it seemed like the fear tactic of showing people why something is bad seemed to generate the most buzz.

I think the key thing that I got out of it too was how the competitors themselves tried to back out from looking like the ones who were doing the mud slinging, so to speak, and instead relied on or hired third party researchers to release the data. Therefore, it came across more as a general study as opposed to a marketing tactic. Kind of a sneaky way of doing things huh? In general I think it is better to focus more in highlighting why you are better as being negative usually implies that you are say bitter of something. However, getting someone else to say the negatives for you is definitely sneaky I must say until someone starts putting the pieces together in terms of association.