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Forcing Your Products or Services Into Your Life

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 by

I was thinking of a scenario today on how many times people get so initially motivated about some kind of business where they try to implement it into their personal life in anyway possible as a means to make it grow fast. An over exaggerated example would be if you had like a business that made refrigerators then you will start to try and force use a refrigerator for even the most trivial reasons such as placing a full fridge in your room for one glass of water as you think this way you can promote it more which would potentially mean more sales.

With that in mind it is kind of tough to read how so many people essentially lose all of their hard savings this way as usually the justification is that everyone says if you believe in your product or service then you need to do everything possible to show it works. To me the common sense answer would be like for any scenario in this nature if you took away any kind of potential financial gain for yourself would you still use the product or service.

There is a difference between wanting to promote something of value in order to make a sale to sustain a living versus cluttering your life with your own products or services as if it is a replacement to see if it is valued enough for people to want to buy it on its own merit. Self consumption in this case just doesn’t make sense and you are only hurting yourself I say.

Crowd Funding Even Your Personal Life

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 by

While nowadays I am used to hearing people going to crowd funding as a source to get funding for their business or projects the notion of people using it for their personal lives is a bit more foreighn to me. While watching the news today a story came up about a couple who was trying to have a baby through In-Vitro Fertilization where it is obviously expensive an so they went to a site called gofundme to try and raise money for it. You can see their posting here:

It made me think too where if they can get this successful why wouldn’t more people try to do it for things like a student trying to get money for school or asking people to help pay for a wedding? The first reaction I heard was that no one wants to look like a beggar and so this usually turns people off of the idea. At the same time I would say this is one of those you don’t know if you don’t try situation. I wouldn’t be surprised too where if someone asked for help to buy them a bag of potato chips that it’s not too far fetched that there is someone out there who would be willing to do it. At the end of the day it’s just another way to potentially get money.

Personal Life Factor In Making A Business Prosperous

Monday, May 31st, 2010 by

This was kind of interesting. There was a business owner who pretty much didn’t let anything stand in his way to make a profit. He always viewed his competitors as people who he shouldn’t take lightly as in his mind if they had a choice they would have no problems putting him into bankruptcy to take all the profits themselves. He wasn’t afraid to show it too and he would often gloat about outsmarting people.
Then one day for a particular competitor he saw a site where the owner talked about how he started the business to take care of his family and all with one of those made for tv stories. Afterwards, he then said because of that and knowing how hard the person has worked to feed his family he couldn’t imagine trying to put that competitor out of business.

What this immediately made me think of is how simple it was to get the person to not think about things purely from a business point of view even if it meant hurting his own pocket. The other is how everyone can easily do that where you share a little bit of a background story on how the company was founded where odds are people will relate in such a way like this where it will work to your advantage. I’m sure most people can tell if it is a phony story too. But that personal touch sure can go a long way when people start seeing the human side to a company.

Kind of reminds me of that recent celebrity apprentice season where everyone was rooting for Bret because of the personal events in his life.

Adjusting A Business Around Your Lifestyle

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009 by

I was having a conversation with a person today who ran these classes where for the longest time the students have been starting class at an afternoon time. This is just one of those part time weekend classes type of setup in a private institution. As it turns out, the instructor has one heck of a time making it at that time as he actually has a bunch of family tasks to take care of.

The other person’s partner was saying that he shouldn’t kill himself and that if he needed to adjust his schedule for the class to start later then that is what he should do. He was just worried that all of the students would react negatively to it. As it turns out, that wasn’t the case and so the change was perfect.

I thought that was a good example on how many times you can adjust your professional life to better accommodate your personal life as well. When you think about it, for the most part people work or start businesses like this to help enhance their personal life anyways.

How Personal or Controversial You Have To Be

Friday, July 3rd, 2009 by

I was reading a story about a mom blogger at and how she has pretty much spilled out her life journey on that blog. It looks like there is everything from parenthood to issues with alcohol and employment. There was an interesting note about the whole story and how she eventually started to make about $40,000 to $60,000 a month through advertisements on the blog. Essentially, her readership started to skyrocket when she began to blog about some extremely hard times in her life.

What that topic brought up was how it basically took something extremely negative in order to garner the attention to produce what she has today. As well, I was watching a video interview on how so many mom bloggers are writing part time to make themselves an income. When you think about it, would the same have held true if her story was simply bubbly and happy instead? My guess would be probably not.

Kind of reminds me of a lady on this panel before where the topic was about Internet communication and she was specifically writing about dating and her personal relationships online. Apparently, it wasn’t until she had some kind of a big fight with her boyfriend that she started to get thousands of visitors and attention. She even said it seemed like no one cared too much when everything was all and well.

That should make you think too if you were planning to do something like this where you figured it would be nice to earn an income from it. If you are specifically aiming to make it a career of sort, you pretty much have to be prepared to spill yourself in some way. Unless you are already a big name or have some kind of network to leverage off of.

And you know, for those of you who are in debt too, this can actually be a good way to help you get out of it where you will be scrutinized by hundreds of people and at the same time possibly earning some money while you’re at it. Example, talk a bit about your finances and your goals. The possibilities are endless for a wide range of topics too. But if you are to learn anything from this it’s that everyone has a story to tell and if you are willing to reveal it you never know where it can take you personally and financially. Just be prepared for all the negatives and positives that come with it.