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Seeing Other People Spending Too Much To Help You Save

Sunday, August 25th, 2013 by

I heard some interesting comments today where people were looking at the prices for various products from a multitude of merchants that were all near each other. A comment then came out from a person that seeing people spend so much money on particular items make him want to save more as he doesn’t want to be “dumb” like that too.

Kind of funny how that works in my opinion where it’s probably true as if you nag a person to save money most likely they will be apprehensive as they don’t want to be told what to do. However, if you can give them examples where it makes them think that they are smarter than someone else then most likely they would continue to go that route.

So I was thinking like in this example if you were constantly given say flyers from some of the most expensive stores where you know a ton of people shop at everyday do you think that would mold you to always want to try and find the best deals as you don’t want to be “like them” so to speak? It’s almost like the opposite equivalent of people who buy expensive things a as status symbol except in this case it’s trying to save money as the highlight.

To a certain extent seeing other people’s spending habits can essentially be like a free school for you in how to manage your finances I think. In many ways you are learning from their mistakes so that you don’t have to go through it as well. Especially if it’s an over the top example of people spending too much it tends to stick with you whenever you think of making hasty purchases.

The Need To Use A Big City Name

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 by

This was kind of an odd situation I encountered today as there was a person that was trying to find people as he needed some help as a result of his business growing. Of course that should be a good thing. The weird thing was how it appeared that he wanted to conduct his interview in Vancouver even though his actual business was fairly far away from the city. Regardless it seemed like he was still targeting residents in that area.

When asked why he would do that he simply said that advertising with a bigger city name naturally gets him more responses. So ultimately to him it makes more sense as he felt a lot of people pre-judge a business based on the sole notion of where they are located. He then said there was nothing wrong with that as it is no different than companies who rent out large rooms in like hotels to conduct mass interviews as the bigger city areas will naturally attract more people.

A lot of people do indeed do that where this is one of those perception is reality. For example, even having a virtual office presence in a big city can help many people when it comes to image. Just kind of interesting that people use these kinds of tactics for human resource purpose too.

Being Turned Off By How Much Money People Make

Saturday, April 27th, 2013 by

I heard an interesting comment today from a person who was interested in selling their property. While usually this is something that you would hire say a real estate agent to do she was specifically saying that she doesn’t want to use one because she sees how much money they make. She further emphasized how nowadays most people use the Internet to find a listing by themselves anyways and so she felt weird potentially giving someone so much money if people happen to be searching themselves for the property.

It’s kind of interesting as like in this case it had nothing to do on whether or not the service provided is a good value or if it produces the desired results that you are looking for. In that sense the reason to not do business is more personal I guess you can say. This makes me wonder that in certain business on whether or not it is better to not advertise how profitable or successful your business is for example so that you don’t automatically get placed into this negative category.

I suppose this is because the common perception is that a person who makes a lot of money must be in someway unethical or that automatically they must be taking advantage of you. Is that really a fair thing to say? I would say ultimately it should come down to value and whether or not you think the product or service you would be getting is worth the money.

Notion of Buying Used Items For Business Use

Saturday, April 6th, 2013 by

Today I was talking to a person who was saying they needed some business wear clothing as they need more variety for more occasions. The person was then told if they are on a budget then there are a lot of large second hand stores where you can find stuff for dirt cheap and are just as good. However, this came with a lot of resistance with the notion that buying the item second hand to be used for professional business purposes seems wrong.

I suppose I can understand why as many would have the feeling that if you have to resort to buying second hand that it somehow devalues your status. At the same time, a point was brought up that when it comes to things like this it’s not like anyone can really tell. So in that sense does it make more sense to buy second hand to save money assuming the item works just as well as if you bought a new one?

Funny enough I think when it comes to furniture most people don’t care as much about any kind of status symbol. Example, if the business bought a used boardroom table or a chair for like one third the price of a new one they would probably do it in a flash. I think too most people would brag about what a good deal they got. If it works to your needs and is up to standards then why not?

Just Showing A Big Number

Friday, March 29th, 2013 by

Today I was looking at a company that was gloating that they were growing so big as apparently they acquired thousand of members in a short amount of time. I was then talking to another person about this as we were curious how legitimate it was. While the people themselves seemed real, the thing was a large portion of these “members” were simply inactive such as signing up just as a trial to see what they were like. Regardless of that, the business is definitely milking it for all it is worth.

What can you say? It’s almost like using sex appeal where it helps to sell regardless of how obvious the marketing tactics are. I suppose quantities does matter in these cases. While like in the above example people in the know will probably rip that number apart to show how it’s not as significant as they would like you to believe, at the end of the day it is an effective marketing tool with the majority of onlookers.