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Getting Invited Into Exclusive Groups

Friday, February 21st, 2014 by

I noticed something funny today where I realized that a group of people whom I have worked with in the past had added my name to this group of sort where top human resource managers and industry veterans try to find people and talent for their projects here first before advertising to the general public. The idea is pretty straight forward I suppose where odds are people here have a good reputation amongst the businesses and so there are more odds that the job will get done.

This made me think how a lot of people say that things like jobs are gone before they are even advertised as it comes down to more about who you know. Very true in this case I suppose. At the same time, this wasn’t even something I was asking for either as in my mind all I did was do my best as always whenever someone acquires my help.

I suppose this is one of those times where you can say if you work hard enough things will just come to you.

Opportunities From Being Helpful

Thursday, November 7th, 2013 by

A funny thing happened today as the other day I heard of a person that needed help on his website as he didn’t know why search engines were flagging it. I decided to help him out as it is something I understood very well. During the midst of helping him it turned out that his business was in the need for some other technical help which I could do too. As a result, we then began talking about discussing it further to develop a potential professional service agreement.

It’s just kind of funny how these things work out as even he was joking maybe it was meant to be that his site went all crazy. Sometimes you simply just have to let life bring the opportunities to you as you continue to do the things you enjoy each day. Can’t explain why but it just works out like that a lot of times.

Asking People In The Know Before Purchasing

Friday, July 12th, 2013 by

I was trying to find some good deals on various furniture items today where my knowledge of the markups aren’t that great and so I decided to simply ask people who specifically work in the industry to give me an idea of what is too much. It is kind of incredible at how much things like a couch or chair is marked up by for example. Even with those signs saying two hundred dollars off the markup is so incredibly high that the business is still making a killing out of it from what I was shown.

I have always wondered too why more people don’t simply ask people who work in specific industries to learn more about things like markup prices so that you would be more financially aware on when something is a good deal. This is as opposed to simply comparing prices of various companies. As well, this could even relate to thing such as taking a course that costs money as asking an experienced person first can not only direct you to a quality place but at the same time it could break it down on whether or not you are being over charged in certain aspects.

For example, for digital services you would be surprised at how many times a lot of people simply use template solutions which they resell. Like with that, asking a person who is involved in the industry first before making a purchase can sure open your eyes a lot in an effort to get you what you need for the best value.

Remembering A Job Well Done

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013 by

I was kind of surprised today as I received a phone call from a person whom I’ve worked with in the past when it came to an event. For the most part I did it for fun and enjoyed what I was doing. Interestingly enough, apparently he needed help for a new project and expressed how he immediately contacted me as based on past experiences he felt this would be an ideal fit.

That made me think and re-affirm where many times if you are looking for opportunities in whatever it may be then just being active in the industry and making sure that you are giving your best will usually result in more opportunities in the future. Even if say the pay isn’t necessarily that great, just getting your name out there can go a long way. I can think of many times too where I know friends who simply volunteered their time in various events to then have people contacting them and asking if they would want to work with them.

Ignoring or Acknowledging Deadbeats

Sunday, December 9th, 2012 by

What would you do if you were 100% certain that this one person who was talking to you acted like he was interested in say buying your product or service but you knew for sure that he would never actually buy anything from you? At the same time there was say a lineup of people who may be interested in doing business with you. Would you just brush him off and at minimum just say like a simple hello or would you actually take the time with them just like every other potential person?

That was a topic of debate I was hearing today as it seemed like most people simply said don’t waste time with people like that as they are simply taking up your time. That is kind of tricky too in some ways as you never know like in this case as while this person may never directly do business with you maybe in the future by establishing a good relationship they will refer people that they know who may benefit in working with you.

I have often observed too that the funny thing is if people mistreat a person who wouldn’t have done business with you anyways they will more than likely go out of their way to try and sabotage you in a different way. Example, if you are in some kind of a service industry they will actually go around trying to convince people you are bad. It’s stuff like this which is why I would say you would still have to acknowledge everyone to a certain extent. I guess like working in say a retail store you just have to be polite in informing the person that other people are waiting as well.