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Scaring You From Dining Out

Saturday, April 19th, 2014 by

I was watching this episode titled Canada Restaurant Secrets from the show marketplace on CBC which was kind of interesting as this is normally a show about finance and money in general. In this episode it essentially talked about food safety and how many restaurants have health violations. You can see the episode here at

Funny enough, people often complain that dining out is probably a huge cause of their financial woes in life. Talking about how much you save or how much healthier it can be to buy and cook your own food usually isn’t enough. I can easily see though how something like this would scare people into doing it. Maybe one key to help people save money is to get them to watch stuff like this. Takes the workload off you from nagging others to do the financially responsible thing. :mrgreen:

On a side not I find it funny they mentioned KFC in this report as I even wrote not too long ago that I ate some KFC due to a person wanting to treat me and it ended up making me feel ill.

Hoarding An Illness And Finance

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 by

There was a piece on the news today about how here in Vancouver we have something called a hoarding task force team. As the name implies, their job is to help hoarders get their lives back together. The reasons given was that hoarding so many things can ruins one life and personal health. As well, it can pose a safety hazard such as example which was used where in one case firefighters couldn’t save a person due to all the junk they had in the house.

What this got me thinking about was how many times even myself I say a big cause of financial stress is due to people buying and saving all this junk that they don’t really need. Since this is considered an illness for many, it made me wonder if sometimes when it comes to managing money it can be something more serious on why a person simply can’t be fiscally responsible, so to speak. In that case it’s like we are approaching it wrong in terms of giving financial advice when really it is something deeper than that.

Like in this case it’s not something a regular Joe financial adviser could fix. Maybe if you are stuck buying junk all the time for example it’s better to really think deep on what the real issue is. Example, if you buy things to simply impress people then it’s probably wise to think why. Err…this is starting to sound like some therapy session. Kind of shows that managing money isn’t always about the numbers and deals you can get but rather your mindset.

The Simple Fix At Times

Friday, April 11th, 2014 by

Recently my dad was telling me how his computer wouldn’t turn on and as a result this could mean that he would need to bring it in for repair or worst having to buy a brand new system, which he was prepared to do. He was describing how the computer turned on but nothing was coming on the screen. I immediately thought it was a user error and so I went to see what was wrong. As it turned out, the video mode and power button are next to each other and it seemed like the monitor was simply on a different video mode to what the cable is connected to.

He did feel a little silly afterwards. Kind of makes you think at how many other things we sometimes tend to just dispose of because we think it is broken when really it isn’t. It is usually a quick excuse to buy something new as well huh? I was trying to imagine how much money he could have potentially paid to have someone “diagnose” the problem as well. When in doubt, ask the kids first right? :mrgreen:

Looking For Your Old Equipment

Thursday, April 10th, 2014 by

I was looking for an audio cord the other day and I am pretty sure I have one laying around somewhere. I basically wanted to test out a connection from my monitor to my desktop speakers. However, I couldn’t find it immediately and one thing that crossed my mind was instead of looking around for it maybe I should just buy a new one. I know many people would opt to do that and as a result this is usually how we end up with so many pairs of the same item.

While I am usually pretty good in holding myself back in cases like this, I really needed to know if my setup would work or not for an upcoming project and so I ended up going to the dollar store and buying one for like $2. The dirty feeling of spending money on something extra that you know must be laying around somewhere. It’s almost a sin that the thing is cheap too as I am sure if it costs like $1000 there is no way I would say may as well just get a new one.

On a different note, I have no idea how dollar stores can call themselves that anymore either as it doesn’t seem like anything inside is actually $1.

Half Baked Experience To Save Money

Sunday, April 6th, 2014 by

Today there was that Wrestlemania 30 event and that means enticing followers to subscribe to like its pay-per view subscriptions which could be like $50. I was reading how some people didn’t want to pay that price and so instead they settled to getting updated through social media in real-time or listening to audio feeds. In some ways it almost reminds me of people trying to watch a largely anticipated sporting event on TV except since they didn’t subscribe to it they settle for a blurry picture in hopes to try to see something.

Maybe it’s just me, but that’s kind of torturing yourself isn’t it? I would be inclined to say if you are really that into an event then these are one of those times where you should simply plan for it ahead of time and make sacrifices elsewhere. Example, no dining out for the week if you frequently so that. Or at the same time, it could simply be one of those rewarding yourself moments as we all need to have a little fun with the money we earn too. If that isn’t an option I usually just tune myself out period to whatever the event may be.