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Understanding The Difference Between A Brand And Type of Item

Sunday, August 24th, 2014 by

I went out shopping for a tablet today where it was for a birthday present for my mom. This wasn’t a surprise present as she requested for one since she felt it was time to start using some more modern day technology and that even some of her friends use it to message family members and all. However, in asking for a tablet in her mind an iPad is the only thing available. In many ways, it’s almost like how I mention many times that before people thought AOL is the Internet. Guess you can say Apple does a great job marketing.

It was kind of interesting as while browsing for various options she couldn’t grasp the concept of how say a “tablet” is essentially an “iPad.” And yes, I am aware of things such as the difference in OS or app store before any fanatic wants to jump into the technicalities. I then used a different example such as asking her if she normally asks for a “Kleenex” or a “tissue paper” if she needed a tissue. That then instantly resonated with her and she finally understood that in many ways it’s a brand marketing gimmick.

Afterwards she was able to focus more on the actual product and which one would provide the best value. Using relatable examples sure works wonders as once again we all need to understand what we are really buying to get the best value.

Surprised In Seeing An Online Filter Work

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 by

Today I was told of a business I was aware of where heard the owner actually used his mom to post a fake Yelp review for his company. For the most part, it wasn’t actually that surprising as many people do that to try and make themselves sound better than they really are. What surprised me was when I looked it up the review got labelled as “review that is not currently recommended.”

Apparently, this is the site’s way of filtering out possible fake review reviews, so to speak. It surprised me where in this case it clearly worked and it made me wonder how the business would address that. At the same time, you often hear stories about sites not doing enough or encouraging fake reviews for a profit and in cases like this it’s nice to see that sometimes you can trust that the system is working. Makes trying to find the right companies or professionals to work with easier.

Contests With A Creative Elements

Sunday, July 20th, 2014 by

I was thinking today as I bumped into this link at that is essentially a contest to win a $50 Tim Hortons’ card. This is one of the contests where they require people to create something fun where apparently a winner will be chosen that way. I was thinking, are people more inclined to enter contests to get free stuff it was simply an entry form submission or if it had creative elements like this?

In some crazy way I was thinking that having creative elements can probably generate more response as people will probably think that it is more skill based and therefore they have more odds of winning. Then again, maybe I am underestimating how the majority of people simply don’t want to do anything and just wants free stuff usually.

For myself, in this case I was more inclined to see what it was about because of the creative element even though I don’t really have a use for the prize myself.

Saying What You Are Going To Use The Money For

Thursday, June 19th, 2014 by

I was looking at all these service providers today where for the most part everyone charged the same rate and there didn’t seem to be any extreme difference in regards to the quality of service that was being offered. The service breakdowns all seemed pretty generic as well. However, there was one person who specifically wrote that they were doing the business to hopefully save enough money for a new house for her new family.

As strange as it may sound, that little personal touch made the person stand out from everyone where I was more inclined to give that person the business. Kind of funny when you think about it as it has nothing to do about sounding pristine or more qualified than the other people. It basically boiled down to being perceived as someone personable that you can relate to.

Something to think about the next time you think it takes say an expensive team of marketers that will give you the best glitz and glamor to stand out from others. Sometimes just being yourself is enough.

Shopping Bottom Shelf items

Friday, May 23rd, 2014 by

I was watching this documentary about shopping the other day and how it’s apparently a psychological trick to make all the unhealthy stuff more visible to encourage a purchase. In turn, most of the healthy choices are placed in the bottom. Even though I personally I think items are scattered all over, I decide to pay more attention to it today out of curiosity.

Maybe it’s just me, but for the most art I noticed that the bottom items are usually the bulkier package choices such as if you are shopping at a wholesale store. So if you think about it you could potentially save more money that way. However, in terms of items being healthier there didn’t seem to be a consistent theme to me personally. I wonder if that is simply more of an American store tactic than a Canadian one.

Speaking for myself, I have been more trained to scan the price tags as opposed to how appealing the box looks. Afterwards I would check things like the labels to see if it is worth buying or not. So if anything I would be more susceptible to signs saying there is a sale I think.