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Contests With A Creative Elements

Sunday, July 20th, 2014 by

I was thinking today as I bumped into this link at that is essentially a contest to win a $50 Tim Hortons’ card. This is one of the contests where they require people to create something fun where apparently a winner will be chosen that way. I was thinking, are people more inclined to enter contests to get free stuff it was simply an entry form submission or if it had creative elements like this?

In some crazy way I was thinking that having creative elements can probably generate more response as people will probably think that it is more skill based and therefore they have more odds of winning. Then again, maybe I am underestimating how the majority of people simply don’t want to do anything and just wants free stuff usually.

For myself, in this case I was more inclined to see what it was about because of the creative element even though I don’t really have a use for the prize myself.

Saying What You Are Going To Use The Money For

Thursday, June 19th, 2014 by

I was looking at all these service providers today where for the most part everyone charged the same rate and there didn’t seem to be any extreme difference in regards to the quality of service that was being offered. The service breakdowns all seemed pretty generic as well. However, there was one person who specifically wrote that they were doing the business to hopefully save enough money for a new house for her new family.

As strange as it may sound, that little personal touch made the person stand out from everyone where I was more inclined to give that person the business. Kind of funny when you think about it as it has nothing to do about sounding pristine or more qualified than the other people. It basically boiled down to being perceived as someone personable that you can relate to.

Something to think about the next time you think it takes say an expensive team of marketers that will give you the best glitz and glamor to stand out from others. Sometimes just being yourself is enough.

Shopping Bottom Shelf items

Friday, May 23rd, 2014 by

I was watching this documentary about shopping the other day and how it’s apparently a psychological trick to make all the unhealthy stuff more visible to encourage a purchase. In turn, most of the healthy choices are placed in the bottom. Even though I personally I think items are scattered all over, I decide to pay more attention to it today out of curiosity.

Maybe it’s just me, but for the most art I noticed that the bottom items are usually the bulkier package choices such as if you are shopping at a wholesale store. So if you think about it you could potentially save more money that way. However, in terms of items being healthier there didn’t seem to be a consistent theme to me personally. I wonder if that is simply more of an American store tactic than a Canadian one.

Speaking for myself, I have been more trained to scan the price tags as opposed to how appealing the box looks. Afterwards I would check things like the labels to see if it is worth buying or not. So if anything I would be more susceptible to signs saying there is a sale I think.

A Set of Company Values For Show Only

Monday, May 19th, 2014 by

Today I heard a person ranting about this business where to the public it advertises itself as a local and friendly business that tries to hire local in an effort to encourage community growth. However, he had proof that the business was essentially getting people to do work for free or very cheap by promising things such as “This is good experience” or getting people to do work in exchange for future income once the business makes more money. I guess you can say if all that is true then it is essentially a company gimmick to get more customers.

This is probably more common than we want to believe. That’s why whenever I see companies using this as a marketing tool I am always skeptical as to how true it really is. In many ways it’s no different than going to a grocery store where they say everything they sell is local when it may very well not be. Funny enough, the easiest way to find out is to ask the people who already work for the business.

I always found that how a company saves money on its resources to do business usually translates to how they treat their human resources as well. For example, if you know that they usually steal artwork from others to use for their own corporate materials that usually means they try to get free work from people in exchange for future compensation. If they aren’t too concerned about using equipment that is fancy but gets the job don’t then usually they want the same out of people as well.

It’s kind of an indirect way to learn more about the culture of a business without directly hammering them for an answer. It’s not 100% of course as obviously every business is different, but from my experience it usually does work out that way. That’s why looking at an office or place of business usually tells me so much about the company “values” as opposed to relying solely on its literature.

Lining Up Hours For One Free Donut

Sunday, May 4th, 2014 by

I was reading how the company Tim Hortons is going to have a 50th anniversary celebration on May 17th, 2014. I also read that they would be offering things like free donuts to the public as part of the celebration. I was just thinking how if that is true I can imagine the insane lineups there will be all for a free donut.

I heard a person say before that it isn’t so much for the free items in these cases as oppose to the experience of lining up with all these people. So while people usually analyze this mathematically like how much money you are wasting for not simply working and then using that money to buy a donut, if anything this is more of a marketing case study I think. Example, seeing the type of people who do attend events like this.

I always find these interesting to read about after and seeing the crazy lineups. I think at most I have lined up to purchase new releases, but not for free stuff like this. Would you actually keep taking as you wish in these cases though if they said go ahead? I think funny enough most people probably wouldn’t as it makes them look too greedy. Be interesting to see how much people show up on the day for this and whether or not it truly was for one free donut.