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Selling Your Work Versus Selling Your Service

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 by

I was talking to a photographer today who appeared to have been working at random jobs in an effort to make a living. Her specialty appeared to be in photography and of course that usually means trying to find clients or your next job all the time. I then mentioned about things like selling stock photos and funny enough she never even thought about it. After mentioning how some photographers make a very good living that way she immediately wanted to investigate into it.

I suppose in many ways that is an over sight for everyone who is self-employed and runs a service based business. If you do offer a great service why not think about the idea of turning your service into a product that you can sell as well? For example, a painter can wait for someone to hire them to paint a project or they can create their own paintings in the meantime as well and sell their work. A good alternative as opposed to only waiting around for people to call you I think.

Not Caring As Long As You Are Making Money

Friday, April 18th, 2014 by

I was spammed with this apparent business opportunity recently of something called My Top Tier Business or MTTB. At first I thought it was simply some kind of e-book or program where someone is trying to sell you a system on how to make money online. Upon reading it further there seemed to be some kind of multilevel compensation structure to the opportunity. Where you can pay something like $2000 to get the full income opportunity.

My purpose in writing this though isn’t to evaluate if it is a scam or not as I am sure there are a ton of sites that are already engaged in that kind of debate. What caught my attention was how since this had traits of a multi-level marketing company in many ways sure enough it used similar recruitment techniques such as people holding these large payment cheques as most people see that and jump into it right away. Or they talk about a financial freedom lifestyle.

This then led me to read comments on how many of the top people who make a lot of money in general don’t care what others say as the bottom line is they are making it big and that’s all that counts. It seemed like there was one example of a person who was pumping this to his readers while at the same time acting as if he is not committed to it. Example, it would be like me saying I am going to try this program and I want you all to come under me. If it fails oh well. Of course, for him he would have made a lot of income and even though a lot of people would lose money it feels like for that person it’s a “who cares as long as I made money I am okay.”

Kind of reminds me of an episode of the Simpsons where Mr. Burns was talking about the secret to being wealthy and he lists off things like your friends and family. At first you think he was going to say they are important but instead it’s the opposite where he implies you have to not care about any of these people as you can’t let anyone get in the way of you making your millions.

While that is just a cartoon for laughs it sure seems very real in cases like these huh? With that in mind, whenever I see people presenting an income opportunity it’s always better to really investigate it as many times unfortunately the people selling you the opportunity truly won’t care if you go bankrupt as long as they are making money. For example, if they show you this crazy six figure cheque why not find out details such as how much money it actually took them to make that in like advertising costs? You are being sold a dream and vision of being at the top, but when making a decision it’s good to be awake instead.

Closing Your Business For Weeks

Thursday, December 19th, 2013 by

Today I went to get a haircut and learned some bad news as apparently the shop owner was going to close the place down for over two weeks due to her dad being very ill to the point where he probably isn’t going to live much longer. They are located in a different country and so this will require her to travel. Financially this is one of situations too where as a self employed business owner if you don’t work you don’t get paid as there is no such thing as paid vacations here.

I was then asking why she doesn’t simply keep the place open and have whoever she trusts the most to keep the business running while she was away as she has done that in the past. She mentioned how it simply isn’t the same when she isn’t there and when she does that she constantly worries if anything is going wrong with the place. As a result, she felt it’s best to just close the place down as she doesn’t want to think about business and money during the upcoming weeks.

It’s not something you would think about normally in terms of who can take care of things if you aren’t there. I guess in examples like this it is even more important to plan for situations like these as a business owner.

Generating More Self Employed Income

Sunday, December 8th, 2013 by

I was reading this interesting article today about how a lot of generation Y people are having a harder time financially compared to the previous generation. Interestingly enough, some of the universal points were factors such as people going to school for lengthy degrees whereas in previous generations people would start working full time jobs a lot earlier with less education. At the same time, a lot of companies nowadays increase its bottom line by constantly hiring people as contractors to avoid having to pay people benefits.

While it all sounded kind of gloomy, I was thinking how at the same time a generation Y has so much more business opportunities to generate an income compared to the previous generation. In a sense, you can earn the same if not more. The key I think is that you can’t think and do things exactly the way people in the past perceive as the “right way” when it comes to generating an income.

For example, I highly doubt that my parents had the flexibility to generate an online income where with things like an e-commerce site you could easily have a self functioning business of sort that will keep working while you are sleeping. But with the obstacles that a generation Y person like myself must go through then maybe it’s necessary to venture into things like this.

Even thinking of a funny example, how easy was it way back where someone could self publish a rant video that could generate a respectable income source? Probably not as easy as it is today. At the same time, I personally believe people should get more in-tune with opportunities like these as in the past I am pretty sure people would say if you want to make money during school then go to that fast food restaurant or do that paper route. Nowadays, I personally think it’s more entrepreneurial where if you aren’t making enough money then you need to take advantage of the opportunities and resources we have today to create something out of it.

Tying Down Your Funds In A Gift Cards

Sunday, November 10th, 2013 by

I was reading how for one of the local malls here they are having a promotion where if you buy a $500 gift card, which could be redeemed at any of the stores in the mall, they will in-return give you a 10% bonus of that amount. So you would essentially get $50 extra. To me that sounded like a lot. The only thing I was debating though was that this is a gift card that would essentially force you to shop in the places at the mall. At the same time, do I really plan to spend almost $500 this year solely on the stores within this place?

I was thinking it the other way too where within a month is there any other way I could make more than $50 with a $500 investment where it would be silly to not do that instead? This is one of those scenarios which I thought would make a lot of sense 100% if you got your friends and family involved in it too. For example, it’s probably more realistic to assume that each person would spend about $100 at the mall. So if you get five people then this could make it that each person gets a $10 bonus and there are more odds that people will actually use all the funds in a non forceful way.

Just the idea of having a large amount of funds in a gift card makes it more likely you will simply use the money on anything just to get rid of it. Example, walking past a food vendor and the saying why not as you have so much money in that card anyways. It’s almost like having too much accessible cash in your wallet or purse.