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Paying For Other People’s Errors

Friday, April 13th, 2012 by

I saw a funny situation today where in a restaurant it appeared that the staff made an error when it came to preparing a dish as none of the customers in the restaurant appeared to have ordered it. In the midst of this scramble you could see it on the manager’s faces as they kept asking the staff on who wrote down the order as it appeared that it was going to be one of those “This is coming out of your salary” bit.

As the staff went to a few more tables the funny thing was in one table the customer mentions that they didn’t order it but then implied maybe they should take it anyways to stop anyone from getting into trouble. That then made me think if this is more common than I think it is which causes us to spend more than intended. I think I have only done this a few times ever and sure enough it was related to restaurants as well in a similar fashion.

I suppose for me it comes down to being able to relate to the person’s misfortune in some way that makes you inclined to want to sacrifice your dollar to spare them from getting into trouble at the workplace. The main thing that stops me from doing it all the time is how I view it at times too where it’s like you can’t keep bailing people out of situation otherwise they will never learn. So that keeps me in check where I don’t put myself in a bad situation in an effort to help someone else. Can’t help others anymore if you don’t take care of yourself too.

Canucks Loss

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 by

Looks like we didn’t get to win the Stanley Cup. The first thing that came to my mind is I wonder what the damage to the city is going to be like as usually these types of situations attract opportunists that will try and create a riot for the sake of wanting to vandalize properties and steal items.

Must be a nightmare for local businesses. Some of them were smart and decided to simply close down stores earlier when it looked like the Canucks weren’t going to win towards the end of the game. While many were prepared to reap in the benefits of gaining additional business if the team won by taking advantage of the crowd, I guess many forgot to have a backup plan incase the team loss.