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Inconvenient Shopping To Save Money

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 by

I went by this neighborhood today that didn’t seem to have much in the way of accessible public transit to the area. However, there were a lot of businesses that didn’t exactly have recognizable company names. From what I saw a lot of of the products they sold were from the same sources as a lot of the bigger companies. In this case though the area is not very attractive in terms of the ability to draw in big crowds naturally so the rent is probably cheaper. Therefore, it was not surprising to see that the prices were generally cheaper at these types of places.

It was mostly big ticketed items in places like these too such as furniture and mattresses. There were places like electronic stores too and the way they operated it seemed was that they literally run its warehouse operations and the retail front at the same location. It’s kind of interesting to see the type of stores you can find when you go to places that aren’t very accessible to the majority of the people as well as the savings that can come with it.

If it is a big item like a mattress too in someways I would assume you would need to have a vehicle anyways to bring it back home and so in that sense if you were saving say 30% it’s not really that bad to go out of your way to get it there as opposed to the places that are closer to you.