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Just Another Business or Work Day On Holidays

Monday, February 11th, 2013 by

Today here in BC it was an introduction of a new statutory holiday called BC family day where the intent was to try and give people time off to spend time with their family. What I thought it was kind of interesting though was that for the most part a lot of people were still working. For example, people working in government jobs or places like restaurants and attractions want to stay open to capitalize on more business.

That just made me think of difference in mentality where you could either treat a holiday like an entitlement to take time off or you could capitalize on it to generate more revenue while taking a less productive day off instead. Sounds like an odd way of thinking but makes sense in many ways huh? For example, for many tomorrow is probably going to be less busy for like a food vendor on the street and so working today and taking the day off and having the “family day” tomorrow would probably make more sense.

I suppose in that sense it’s all about if you are willing to not follow the crowd and do what makes more sense for your business and lifestyle.

Too Many Once A Year Event Splurging

Friday, December 30th, 2011 by

I think one of the biggest reasons that people use to spend a lot of money during this time is that the event happens only once a year. Therefore, whether it’s buying a gift or say dining out at a restaurant people then splurge. I was just thinking though how during this month’s period it seemed like there were so many of those types of days that one could easily spend their day’s worth of pay in an hour type of scenario.

For example, there is Christmas Eve and then Christmas Day. Follow that shortly by New Years Eve and then New Years day. Mix that in if you have people’s birthdays or other events like a wedding it will seem like every week there will be a spend like crazy day. For this reason I never had the mentality of it’s only once a year thing so I may as well just spend a lot on the spot as I usually have a pre-set amount on how much I can or should spend.

Once in a lifetime sort of events are a little different, but even with those I would usually plan ahead of time financially. I just find it easier too that when you have a semi set amount on how much you can spend you won’t worry too as to whether or not spending money on the activity/event will result in financial mishaps elsewhere.

Happy Canada Day

Friday, July 1st, 2011 by

Happy Canada to all the Canadian readers out there. Seems to be a lot more events happening this year with a lot of them being free too. Not a bad way to have some fun and not kill the wallet while you are at it.

Cyber Monday

Friday, November 26th, 2010 by

For some odd reason I have only heard of the Term Cyber Monday a lot this year. From doing some research apparently it was term coined up to label the first Monday after Thanksgiving in the US as it is supposed to be a huge shopping day just like Black Friday today.

It ‘s kind of interesting reading that it was created by a conglomerate of retailers, so to speak. I often hear jokes of people saying that holidays were simply invented by retailers to give people an excuse to buy things. I guess this situation kind of makes that point semi true to a certain extent. For myself I am not usually inclined more or less to shop because of these events. The only good thing is that if it semi pressures companies to drop prices so that as a consumer I can find better deals then all the better.

Event Spending As A Whole

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 by

It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow for people in the US which usually means families gathering for a feast of sort. I had one friend who seemed semi stressed as she had to buy and prepare a lot of stuff not just for tomorrow’s event she said but rather today for her is a pre-event to the actual holiday which requires an equal level of attention.

It’s almost like celebrating new years eve and then new years by hosting an expensive party on both days. What was interesting to me was the way she chose to budget it as she treated each day individually with its own full blown budget to buy what was necessary. Think of it like having two separate birthday parties for different people where your budget for each is say $200 for the day.

In this case I was thinking budget wise it can be wiser to manage the event as one regardless of how many days there are. So if $200 is your budget usually for holiday events and you decide to do things on two days then managing both days with the $200 limitation right away for both will help you stay in a budget while prioritizing which days are more important to spend further resources on.

It’s very similar to managing finances in a business I’d say as you usually take the amount of money you have for an event to see how to spread it throughout the days as oppose to generically giving yourself a lot to spend each day just because it a different day.