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Are Calendars Still On Your Shopping List?

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 by

Today I got an e-mail from a store advertising how since it is almost the new years that means people need to buy new calendars for their home or office. Of course, they were having a sale for it.


I was thinking though, are there a lot of people who actually still buy traditional calendars as part of their shopping needs? I know for myself almost everything that has a clock has a calendar as well such as the computer and the smart phone. At the same time, it seems like even if I don’t try everyone such as real estate agents and local businesses send out calendars to everyone in the area for free. So with all that it is kind of hard to justify spending like $15 for one at the house.

At this point for me a calendar is more for the sake of a collectible such as having specially themed one from an event. Even then it’s usually free too.

Saying You Can Just Get It Free Online

Monday, November 11th, 2013 by

It’s kind of funny when I hear something like this as there was a conversation about cable television services and how many people don’t bother to subscribe to it due to financial reasons. At the same time there was a group that was also saying there is no point as you can pretty much find a livestream of any cable show you want online for free. He was then showing his sources and they were all pretty much from people who didn’t really have permission to re-broadcast it. Basically, an illegal feed.

This is just one of those things where so many people do it and it is so common that you think it must be legitimate. Almost reminds me of like people downloading mp3 music from random sites where technically a lot of it out there is not really a legitimate copy. In this case there is no real way other way to say it other than you are pretty much stealing in order to save some money with this route.

Does it matter to most people? Probably not but I thought it was interesting how when it comes to things like this most people don’t even think twice even after you tell them the fact that it is stealing. Like always, there usually is a catch as nothing is truly free.

Surveys On Your Receipt

Monday, September 23rd, 2013 by

Today while buying an item from the store I was looking at the receipt on how it asks people to take a quick customer service survey so that they know how well they are doing. As an incentive they are willing to give people free gift certificates and even items. I was thinking as the reward itself was kind of an equal or better value to what I bought. So in a sense it’s almost like a buy one get one free offer. Think of it like a a restaurant where if you order even just one burger then filling out this survey will give you a code to get a free burger on our next visit without the need of purchasing anything more.

Even so most people would probably just ignore these right? It almost makes me curious to look at the receipt more for these offers as in some cases it’s almost like throwing free money away. I know for myself these surveys usually only gives you a chance to win like a gift-card which is why I don’t bother unless I really want to give feedback. However, if more places are straight up offering free items then that’s something to look into.

Going Overboard With Company Guarantees

Monday, July 22nd, 2013 by

I saw a funny situation today where in the supermarket there was this large sign that said if the cashier doesn’t suggest this specific product to you then you will get it for free. For example, imagine the advertised item was a piece of apple and if the cashier didn’t ask you if you were interested in purchasing one then they will give you it for free.

The interesting thing was there was this person who seemed to be trying very hard to get the cashier not to ask by trying to distract her. During his checkout he would immediately try and force a lengthy conversation while the person was scanning the items. While it didn’t work, it made me think at how far some people will go to take advantage of a company guarantee.

This one of of those things I feel that when it comes to saving money it doesn’t seem right to try and abuse these kinds of offers. Kind of reminds me of those food commercials where they make a parody on how customers really love a product but fake disliking it to try and get their money back.

Being Afraid To Use Free Services

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 by

It’s almost time for people here to start submitting their taxes again and for most this means choosing that tax software again. I was then hearing how people want the cheapest option available and it just happens that there are online tax applications such as Studiotax that you can use for free. Ironically, even though people want the cheapest option, because it is free this made people scare in using it as they assume it must be a scam of some sort.

Kind of funny how that works huh? I guess it’s good in a sense that people are skeptical as usually when things are free there must be a catch. Like in this case though it seems like their income generating revenue is to use advertisements on its site. Not too bad of a trade off if you are looking to use a free tax software I say.

Would you be afraid to use something like this because of the sole fact that it is free to use? To me, it just means you should do your research on why it is free as it’s one of those situations where you shouldn’t let your fear be the dictating factor on whether or not you should use the free service or not.