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A Temporary Facebook Office In Vancouver

Sunday, March 17th, 2013 by

I was reading a piece of news today on how the company Facebook was planning to open up an office here in Vancouver. For the most part it seems like they are trying to attract software engineers. What was interesting about this news to me is that the office is supposed to be temporary only. Therefore, this would naturally make me wonder if this is simply a way for the company to first attract say local talent with the full intent to then relocate them all down south to the US.

I suppose it all depends on what side of the fence you are at to take this as a positive or negative news. I am interested most to see if this potentially closes down a lot of businesses in the sense that they may be taking key talents from well established small businesses where once they lose their key personnel then they may essentially fold.

Social Media For Finding Jobs And Business

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009 by

I was watching this segment on TV today that revolved around people who are trying to start a business or seeking for a job during these times. For this, there was a lot of focus on how people should start taking advantage of social media platforms that are out there to make connections with people that could give you your next job or referral.

For those who this may be foreign to, social media is basically sites/platforms that are out there on the Internet where people can connect with others on a more personal level. Some of the most common ones by name nowadays are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

From my experience, social media can be a great way to connect with others who you may normally not have had the opportunity to otherwise. This is great for young entrepreneurs too I’d say as many times there is a barrier in trying to connect with people who are more established in the professional sense. So how exactly can you use these sites to get a job or more business and which one is the best? First, here is my personal opinion of these sites and my experience:

Facebook – When I first tried this service it sounded like a simple way to keep in touch with your friends and family members. In many ways it was addicting too as through the service you can easily re-acquaint with people from your past such as old schoolmates.

As the service became more popular, it seemed like everyone that I talked to would ask if I had a Facebook account to stay in touch. Instead of saying “Do you have a business card?” a lot of people would ask “Do you have a Facebook account?” Even for people who I have only done some work with shortly, using this service to stay in touch has created more opportunities in the future.

Twitter – I was a bit skeptical of this when I first heard of it a few years back. It is basically a “micro-blogging” platform where people are limited to writing posts with a 140 character limit. Example, people post quick thoughts about how they feel, what they are doing or interesting things that they have encountered. For myself, I already blog so I didn’t really see the point in it.

However, I gave it a try and soon discovered that if you treat it more as a way to learn and connect with others it can actually be a pretty resourceful tool. At the same time, this is the less intimidating method I’d say to connect with people too. Many times people can just ask out in the open such as “I am looking for someone to hire who can handle my company’s marketing work”. Sure enough, everyone in his/her network can see that request as well as others. Usually works effectively too.

LinkedIn – For this service I always viewed it as an online business card. The concept is suppose to be that by connecting with others that you already know, you can see their personal network of friends and acquaintances as well. With that, it is suppose to make it easier to contact a person that you may need help from professionally if they know that you already know a person whom they have worked with. Like an old fashion introducing your friend to another except in an online environment.

I’m personally not a big fan of this one and have actually closed my account. It just didn’t seem fun to use in anyway and it felt like it is one of those situations where everyone is in a room with suits on and you don’t really get to know people better in anyway. I remember a client that I worked with that had a friend that wanted to meet me as he was looking for a possible business collaboration and hence she used this as a way to bridge the gap. The process seemed redundant that it would have been easier to just use the phone I thought.

So which one is the best to use for jobs and business purposes? Kind of hard to say as it depends on your style. For myself, I treat them all in a fun way which ironically creates opportunities. I personally find Facebook as more of a keeping in touch site with people that you have met in real life and Twitter as the platform to make new connections while discovering new things instantly. Again, I no longer use LinkedIn.

Now a fear that many people have about sites like these is the concern of privacy. Honestly, it just comes with the territory where if you published it then most likely it is not going to be private forever. Therefore, use your own discretion as if you don’t want something like private family photo gatherings to be seen then simply don’t publish it.

Imagine you connecting with say a potential employer or customer and then they see a picture of you chugging this keg of beer while naked in a public area. But overall, social media can be a great way to grow and expand your professional career regardless of what field you are in. Good time to start learning too.

That Facebook Scrabulous Ordeal

Friday, August 1st, 2008 by

I’m sure a lot of people have already heard this in the news in one form or another. For those whose don’t know, Facebook is a social networking site where people can stay in touch with each other and on that site people are able to develop applications such as games for people to use.

There is this one very popular application called “Scrabulous” that is essentially a clone of sort of the board game “Scrabble” where the objective of the game is to create words out of letters to score points. Recently Hasbro, the company that owns the right to the original Scrabble game, has filed a lawsuit against the Scrabulous makers over copyright and infringement.

As expected, you have the majority of the fans not being too happy with this and I read a lot of comments on how the company is just a greedy corporation. At the same time, another common point I read was how with so many people using that application it should in hence translate into more sales of the Scrabble game which should be even more reason for the company to not want to shut that game down.

I always try to look at it from both sides personally. Just thinking about it, how would you react if someone say took the book you wrote and simply changed little details such as the name of the characters and then began to profit over it? Most people wouldn’t be too happy. Thinking even more, if once you realized that the book you bought virtually plagiarized someone else’s work/idea would you still continue to support that work and encourage people to buy it?

While it doesn’t necessarily make it right still, if instead the Scrabulous makers did not profit over this then I would be a little more inclined to say that Hasbro should have been more delicate in its approach such as trying to find a happy medium by addressing its concerns with the original makers. Example, since Hasbro was planning to release its own official version, from what I read, maybe they could have offered those guys a job to say maintain the community and attract more users. Just my thoughts though.

Facebook Value

Thursday, October 25th, 2007 by

I was just reading about the news about the social networking site Facebook and how Microsoft has purchased a 1.6 percent stake in the company for about $240 million. Apparently Facebook is valued at about $15 billion.

I’m just reading the reactions from some people and a lot of casual observers think it is a crazy number indeed. I’ve talked to someone before who actually had some knowledge of the effectiveness in advertising within that site and apparently it is a very good way for a company to target a specific audience that will buy from you. In that sense, it is an extremely valuable site.

These types of company value estimates always makes me wonder on just how long it can keep its momentum going. I guess those Google stocks are an example of that.