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Customer Service And Price Matching Through Live Chat Text Only

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 by

I was a bit surprised this the other day as I was having issues with the service package with my provider named Shaw and as a result I first phoned in to try and get it fixed. I was constantly told that it was being dealt with only to see that weeks went by with no signs of improvement. For one reason or another I decided to use its online help where they have a live agent chatting with you through a chat box on its site.

Since this was such a big company I was interested in seeing how they manage with a faceless support system. For the most part it seemed like you were chatting with anyone else on a messaging system. What I did find easier was you could literally do things like link to a site so that they could immediately see an issue as opposed to having to explain it through the phone.

Interestingly enough, this department of the business got the issue solved pretty quickly and was even able to give me a better deal than what I expected. So overall I was happy with the result. It made me wonder if this style of support for a business is cheaper than using the traditional phone method as well. To me it seemed a lot more organized with the negative being people who don’t use a computer too much will be slow in responding.

Oddly enough, based on efficiency I actually preferred it this way. I know a lot of sites are doing that too even when it comes to price matching as they would integrate a live agent chat box where you can ask the person directly to do a price match by providing the competitor link. In some ways I am more inclined to say the agents using this medium will be more tech savvy. Combined with the ability to literally share the information instantly to do comparisons it can potentially help you get better rates too.

Being More High Tech For Service And Efficiency

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 by

I was surprised today as I went to this sushi buffet with a few people. I have been to these types of places before and usually how it works is you are either given a menu to check off which dishes you want or a waitress/waiter would write the order down on paper and then give it o the kitchen to prepare. In this situation though the person came out with a tablet of sort and started punching in orders which immediately got sent it to the kitchen. The funny thing was for some basic items like the soup or salads they were literally coming out to the table before the entire order was even complete.

Kind of makes you wonder why more places aren’t trying to transition to this type of system as I can only imagine that you will eventually save money as well from having to use all that paper and ink even though the system may cost more initially. In some ways I am inclined to say it’s more about people being too traditional as it is the only way it would work kind of thing.