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Expecting Sales During Holidays

Thursday, April 5th, 2012 by

Easter is coming up soon and usually that means a lot of chocolates will be on the sale. A funny comment I heard was from a person that was saying how he can’t wait to see what kind of sales this furniture store was going to have on Easter. I was then thinking I never seen that place have any Easter sales. This then got him a bit upset and how he though tall companies should have some kind of sales in holidays even if it is not directly related to their industry.

That’s an interesting point I guess as many times people are in a shopping mode when they have long weekends or are celebrating an occasion. I know many companies simply have fun activities such as Easter egg hunts where the winner gets a prize or discount for the company’s products too. So that goes to show you can simply theme your sale around the event too as opposed to selling the items that are usually associated with the holiday.