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Consumers Read Business News Too

Friday, February 1st, 2013 by

Today I was reading about a company that entered into an agreement to be sold of to a different company. It seemed that for the most part operations wouldn’t change drastically as they will simply be operated as a separate subsidiary. However, they decided to not announce this detail to the customers and of course news did break out about it. Afterwards a lot of loyal customers were scared of the deal and are already planning to do business with a different company as to them this showed instability.

Kind of interesting I thought as I guess if you are one of those suit and ties in the corporate level you would think that no regular consumer would bother to read about these kinds of things. However, with almost everyone connected to someone in the know online nowadays odds are fans and consumers of a business will pick up on the news immediately. Therefore, it’s not something you can ignore. I would imagine even some kind of simple acquisition message is better than simply saying nothing too.

Celebrity Apprentice 3 – Episode 8

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 by

The task this time around was that the teams had to create three thirty second radio commercials for a home service company called clockwork. The commercials would also have to be performed live in-front of the executives where the teams would then be evaluated. The project manager for Rocksolid was Brett Michaels and for Tenacity it was Summer Sanders.

One of the most interesting things about this episode I thought was how corporate the executives seemed. For example, when both teams asked how they felt about putting a little humor into their ads they seemed to want to shy away from it as if it simply cannot be done without making a company of this type look silly. I guess the executives were overly sensitive since it dealt with professions like a plumber and you know how many jokes people usually make out of that.

Not surprisingly, Rocksolid was definitely the group that was willing to take things on the edge a bit more whereas tenacity played it very safe. The way they edited the show too made it look like Rocksolid was in deep trouble for trying to use jokes in their ads which made stereotypical references to people like plumbers in some ways. Add that to the fact that the executives kind of mentioned that they would prefer to avoid that direction.

In situations like these it’s interesting to weigh in the pros in cons of your choices. Example, do you go with what you think the client wants or what you feel the client needs? Kind of strange when you think about it as if the person hired a third party to do some kind of creative service like this then the assumption is that you trust that they know more about would work best in the existing market. In reality most people would rather just appease to what would make the person happy immediately even if the product will end up being a failure.

There wasn’t really any twists and turns though from what I saw unless you consider teams stealing each other’s pizza as something relevant. After they were all shown it seemed like the executives enjoyed Rocksolid’s creation a lot more. So despite the risk Rocksolid ended up being the winner. It was pretty night and day too I thought where Rocksolid’s presentation was more about making it memorable whereas Tenacity’s had so much information in its ads.

The boardroom wasn’t too surprising. Basically, it came down to who was the project manager and so Summer Sanders was fired. Although, I think it probably had more to do with the entertainment value of the show as she didn’t seem to be doing much in terms of generating drama or anything on the show. Hence, not surprising that one would want to get rid of the person.

Looks like the season is almost over too. I was always interested in seeing how the contestants would do against one of Trump’s actual business teams. That would be an interesting task for the day I think and would be perfect for the celebrities since their connection and resources would be on par to be competitive. Doubt we will see something like this though.