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Doing The Same Work As Multiple People

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 by

I was having a conversation today about comparing some staffing scenarios where there were two different teams that were essentially running the same type of program. However, one team had less work to do while the other had more. The one that had more work actually had the same amount of people working on it as the other group. Apparently the group that had less work was mentioning how it was difficult due to not having enough people which the other group had to laugh about a bit.

It’s a funny topic in some ways as it had to do with company budgeting and I can imagine in this case an executive would simply look at numbers and dollar signs to assess what is appropriate. However, in this case there didn’t seem to be any consideration in terms of the quality of the individual. Kind of like saying, in many ways in this case it was like you can hire two people at $20 an hr each to try and fulfill a task or you can attract a superb worker at $35 an hour who can literally do the same thing as the two combined.

It’s not something we often think about huh? People do it all the time when it comes to buying products, but it’s interesting how many times we don’t even think of this when it comes to paying people to do a job. Sometimes it can make more sense to pay for higher quality workers.

Understanding The Difference Between A Brand And Type of Item

Sunday, August 24th, 2014 by

I went out shopping for a tablet today where it was for a birthday present for my mom. This wasn’t a surprise present as she requested for one since she felt it was time to start using some more modern day technology and that even some of her friends use it to message family members and all. However, in asking for a tablet in her mind an iPad is the only thing available. In many ways, it’s almost like how I mention many times that before people thought AOL is the Internet. Guess you can say Apple does a great job marketing.

It was kind of interesting as while browsing for various options she couldn’t grasp the concept of how say a “tablet” is essentially an “iPad.” And yes, I am aware of things such as the difference in OS or app store before any fanatic wants to jump into the technicalities. I then used a different example such as asking her if she normally asks for a “Kleenex” or a “tissue paper” if she needed a tissue. That then instantly resonated with her and she finally understood that in many ways it’s a brand marketing gimmick.

Afterwards she was able to focus more on the actual product and which one would provide the best value. Using relatable examples sure works wonders as once again we all need to understand what we are really buying to get the best value.

Surprised In Seeing An Online Filter Work

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 by

Today I was told of a business I was aware of where heard the owner actually used his mom to post a fake Yelp review for his company. For the most part, it wasn’t actually that surprising as many people do that to try and make themselves sound better than they really are. What surprised me was when I looked it up the review got labelled as “review that is not currently recommended.”

Apparently, this is the site’s way of filtering out possible fake review reviews, so to speak. It surprised me where in this case it clearly worked and it made me wonder how the business would address that. At the same time, you often hear stories about sites not doing enough or encouraging fake reviews for a profit and in cases like this it’s nice to see that sometimes you can trust that the system is working. Makes trying to find the right companies or professionals to work with easier.

When You Realize You Get Less Than Others For The Same Price

Saturday, August 16th, 2014 by

I was reading some articles of various video services here in Canada which has a main operation in the US. Essentially, think of it like Netflix and the topic was how the Canadian version essentially costs more money and you get extremely less content. Knowing this fact alone got a lot of people to not want to support the services even if they don’t intend to use say the other 60% of content.

I guess in these cases it’s all about perception where as the consumer you tend to interpret it as the company is trying to rip you off, so to speak. In reality this probably has to do with licensing issues. Even when it comes to price comparing I usually try to compare what an item costs in the US compared to here before making a purchase as many times businesses simply charge more for items here just because they can. So it’s a good way to exercise your opinion with your dollar.

It’s usually a good indicator too in terms of what is a good price range you should wait for in terms of a sale price.

Thinking of Things That Even A Robot Can’t Do

Thursday, August 14th, 2014 by

I was watching this interesting video today that was essentially trying to show the viewpoint on how sooner or later humans and jobs are going to be replaced by robots for virtually everything you can imagine. It dived into almost every profession you can think of such as an artistic on to ones in the legal profession. You can see the video below:

This kind of made me think how it’s nothing that one should fear as just like in business it’s one of those if you don’t have something unique then you compete against time and convenience. Just an example off the top of my head, even when it comes to an artistic profession like a singer it’s one thing to sound technically good. However, if I’m not mistaken a big part of things such as why a signer becomes popular is their life story and personality which companies use to market. That’s something that would be unnatural to replicate with a robot for example.

Doesn’t everything with money and business require us to adapt to the times too anyways I was thinking? Example, I could easily imagine if everyone relies on computers to do everything then a new big industry would probably be things such as teaching people to actually be social in public as silly as that sounds. Either way, it’s all about perspective I suppose.