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Operating As One Big Group or A Lot of Individuals

Sunday, October 26th, 2014 by

I already had an idea that this would be the case yesterday where there were a lot of people who were either raising money under one group identity or multiple people fundraising for the same charity individually. Not too surprisingly, the groups that were operating as one identity seemed to have generated more awareness as a result of simple things such as having their entire audience focus on one source. This resulted in scenarios similar to how you would see everyone lined up at a store which would make you think there must be something going on.

Kind of really makes you think where if you and other people are constantly collaborating to create great things on whether or not it can be very beneficial to create like a specific brand identity for it. Even for recreational gatherings I notice that it’s usually the one’s that do this which tend to be the most successful too. Example, instead of just saying “This is a business club” with a bunch of people virtually everyone would say they are a part of club just as if they were a company.

I think we usually hold off on stuff like this until we feel the group is say big enough. But like in these examples I saw it sure can be an integral part of growing more productively in general.

News Report On 1-888-JUNK-VAN

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014 by

I was surprised to read on my twitter feed recently that there was apparently an undercover investigation done on a local Vancouver junk removal company called 1-888-junk-van. Why did this company name ring a bell? It happened to be the exact junk removal company I blogged about awhile back where my experience with them wasn’t exactly ideal.

The investigation was done by a local consumer reporter named Lynda Steele and you can read an article overview of the report at

Based on the report and some other research it seems like the company is owned by a Mohammad Sharif Begg. After watching the report on TV the main thing I was thinking was how I should have documented my experience better as it sounds like there are a ton of people who had similar negative experiences. Without the tangible proof of course it becomes a he said she said case. It can’t be a coincident on how so many points in this investigation was similar to my experience.

While I haven’t had much experience with junk and waste removal companies, there are sure a lot of sketchy operations I noticed. Example, one’s that have questionable billing practices like in this report or one’s that internally have questionable human resource practices. I am wondering if the reason for it is because the business itself seems fairly straight forward to setup.

I am really curious what is going to happen next to this company. For example, one possibility is that they can simply re-brand if they feel the current attention is too much where they can continue what they do. Sometimes having a ton of negative reviews isn’t good enough to change things for the better. Only time will tell. I do love it when everyone comes together and shares stories though to fill in pieces of a puzzle like for some of my other posts where the Internet essentially did the exposing together. :)

Seeing A Company Being So Price Competitive

Thursday, October 9th, 2014 by

This was a surprise as I was doing some research for a DSLR mic and one of my destinations was an online store that generally had the biggest selections but the worst prices. To my surprise though, it’s like the business did a 180 and decided to be extremely competitive all of a sudden. They even introduced options to compete with suppliers in other countries.

I was inclined to shop with them at least once now where even if its prices are the same as others while providing similar services it’s almost like I want to reward the business for the effort. Maybe they got a new management or that their internal shoppers are doing a better job in shopping the competition. I don’t think I am the only one who appreciates it when they see a business trying to compete for your dollar. Something to think about too as a business where sometimes it’s good to flaunt the things you are doing to earn a customer’s purchase.

All Those iPhone 6 Reselling Stories

Friday, September 26th, 2014 by

I assume most people have been hearing constant stories on how a lot of people who have purchased the iPhone 6 are simply doing so in hopes to resell it. I’ve read figures such as how people are able to resell them for $2000+ US. This of course sparks the usual debate on whether or not it is ethical to do that or at the same time if it is even worth it financially.

While I personally wouldn’t be a fan of this, it makes me wonder how reselling it is any different from other forms of commercial attempts to essentially make money off of a hyped of product like this. For example, some people buy the phone just to publicly destroy it where they then make money off the attention that they get. Is there really any difference between that and reselling it as an example? It all equates to taking advantage of an opportunity to profit from it I think.

When you look at the crazy extent some people are willing to go through to get the product it’s almost crazy not to capitalize on it. The wackiest news I read was some guy who was actually carrying a sign that he would rent out his girlfriend to raise money to buy an iPhone 6. You can read it here:

If anything, I think it’s a little crazier that people are willing to pay that much for an item that will be outdated in no time.

Ello Showed Me How Business Savvy Regular People Can Be

Thursday, September 25th, 2014 by

I’m not sure about everyone else, but I have recently been getting a lot of notices and news about a social media site called Ello that is apparently supposed to directly challenge a site like Facebook. It seems like its main draw is how it mentions that essentially many social media sites exists to sell your data information to advertisers. Instead, Ello aims to be an ad-free social network.

The first that thing came to a lot of people’s mind was the question on how the company plans to fund itself as most company’s say they are anti-commercial but when the offers come that all disappears. I was surprised after on how fast regular users were able to find information such as which venture capitalist firm the company received funds from as you can see from this link:

You would think the large publications would get this first. Many people really do their research on where their food comes from nowadays. In this case, more people now actually try and investigate the business of companies such as where its funding comes from. Of course this doesn’t say if the company is good or bad of course, but it gives you a wealth of information to analyze constructively for yourself on how long one’s publicly proposed goal can last.

Kind of how I expressed before that reading about business news and details isn’t just for people involved in the industry commercially as you can sure get a wealth of information about products and services this way instead of relying only on marketing material to do so. Interested to see how this Ello goes now as a result.