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Mystifying A Business

Monday, February 17th, 2014 by

This was an interesting scenario I thought as a friend was telling me that he was approached by a random person who felt that he would be a good candidate for a potential business opportunity. As a result, he mentioned that he would lend him his Rich Dad Poor Dad book and that if he read everything he would then try to get him seats into an event that would teach him about a ground breaking business that simply required him to find other people. Not surprisingly, the guy wouldn’t go into detail on what the business was about.

I guess you all know what this was all about. This is why he then asked me if I had any idea on what it could be and sure enough I educated him about what it was most likely was. He then started to mention how he felt he approached him because they guy saw him walking out of the store with hundreds of dollars of clothing. So basically, an easy target.

It’s an interesting tactic I thought where the person gave so little detail about it where I suppose a lot of people would go through his routine just to see what it was about. Less is more is what I guess you can learn from that.

Generating More Self Employed Income

Sunday, December 8th, 2013 by

I was reading this interesting article today about how a lot of generation Y people are having a harder time financially compared to the previous generation. Interestingly enough, some of the universal points were factors such as people going to school for lengthy degrees whereas in previous generations people would start working full time jobs a lot earlier with less education. At the same time, a lot of companies nowadays increase its bottom line by constantly hiring people as contractors to avoid having to pay people benefits.

While it all sounded kind of gloomy, I was thinking how at the same time a generation Y has so much more business opportunities to generate an income compared to the previous generation. In a sense, you can earn the same if not more. The key I think is that you can’t think and do things exactly the way people in the past perceive as the “right way” when it comes to generating an income.

For example, I highly doubt that my parents had the flexibility to generate an online income where with things like an e-commerce site you could easily have a self functioning business of sort that will keep working while you are sleeping. But with the obstacles that a generation Y person like myself must go through then maybe it’s necessary to venture into things like this.

Even thinking of a funny example, how easy was it way back where someone could self publish a rant video that could generate a respectable income source? Probably not as easy as it is today. At the same time, I personally believe people should get more in-tune with opportunities like these as in the past I am pretty sure people would say if you want to make money during school then go to that fast food restaurant or do that paper route. Nowadays, I personally think it’s more entrepreneurial where if you aren’t making enough money then you need to take advantage of the opportunities and resources we have today to create something out of it.

Trying Out A Lot of Different Opportunities Too Quickly

Monday, June 3rd, 2013 by

I was having a conversation with a person today in regards to them trying to find another part time business that they could potentially get into as he felt that what he was doing didn’t off enough time leveraging. Therefore, he was essentially look for those things that you could do once and afterwards it could potentially continue to generate an income even if you weren’t here. Essentially he was looking for a residual income stream.

When it came to opportunities and ideas though I was surprised at how fast he was labeling certain things as a dud even though I knew that a lot of people were successful with them. For example, he tried doing things like stock photography as he often took a lot of photos for fun. But because various sites require you to be approved based on a certain styles/quality which he didn’t initially pass he immediately said it’s not for him.

That made me think at how many potentially good things he could have tried except he didn’t really try too hard before making a judgement. I usually try to give each idea a fair amount of time before making a judgement based on what I think I can accomplish and what I have seen or potentially heard what others did. If the opportunity required you to constantly invest a ton of money then that is a different story.

I know some people have said for free opportunities they usually try it until they make their first cheque. From there they assess how long it took them to get paid and seeing if it is worth the time. Either way, you have to give it a little time to gain some kind of traction I think. No one said being in business for yourself is easy.

Always Doing Something For Your Money

Friday, April 15th, 2011 by

I was presented with a couple of business opportunities I guess you can say recently and the one thing a lot of them emphasized was how supposedly it’s one of those things where you build it once and then you don’t need to do anything else. Of course, that saying hooks a lot of people into thinking that they can make some easy money.

The way I see it, you are always working in one way or another when it comes to dealing with anything that is supposed to bring in continuous income. Example, even though you don’t physically have to be at a place of business as you say hired employees to take care of it you still need to make decisions as to what direction the business needs to take.

I usually find if you walk into something thinking that you will literally just have to do it once and never have to do anything again that you become wreckless in maintaining whatever greatness you have built. Or worst, becoming so impatient where you expect to see those kinds of results right away. Might sound foreign to some, but it actually takes work to keep the money you have made too. Even if we are talking about you winning say a million dollars from the lottery and trying to live off savings. You have to work to make sure you don’t blow it all.

Just Being The First

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009 by

I was reading an interesting article about how some people that make a lot of money through an opportunity simply did it by being the first one to promote it. I saw examples with people that signed up for virtually every online affiliate account you can think. While they may not have been the best marketer, just the fact that they were first gave them the bulk of the market exposure.

It’s like breaking news in a way too I guess you can say. If you are the first one to report it then most likely everyone will reference you when they tell the story to others. Or in the case of a business everyone will think of you first. One of those times where a do first think later mentality can work for the better.

A lot of people are intimidated by being the first to venture or publish something, but after awhile it becomes kind of fun and actually challenges you to do more I’d say as you don’t want to be like just anyone else.