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Selling Your Work Versus Selling Your Service

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 by

I was talking to a photographer today who appeared to have been working at random jobs in an effort to make a living. Her specialty appeared to be in photography and of course that usually means trying to find clients or your next job all the time. I then mentioned about things like selling stock photos and funny enough she never even thought about it. After mentioning how some photographers make a very good living that way she immediately wanted to investigate into it.

I suppose in many ways that is an over sight for everyone who is self-employed and runs a service based business. If you do offer a great service why not think about the idea of turning your service into a product that you can sell as well? For example, a painter can wait for someone to hire them to paint a project or they can create their own paintings in the meantime as well and sell their work. A good alternative as opposed to only waiting around for people to call you I think.

Kickstarter Online Fund Raiser

Friday, September 4th, 2009 by

I bumped into a site today located at which deals with people trying to raise funds for their projects and endeavors from people around the world. The concept was pretty interesting I thought where you as the pitcher would present your idea and how much money you think you would need to start your venture.

Then, people around the world can donate money within a certain time period. The interesting part is that you only get the money if you actually reach your requested amount of funds. Likewise, the donors would only be charged if it reaches that figure too. Kind of an interesting way to protect both the pitcher and the donor.

It seems like the main stipulation at this point is the site uses’s tool as the payment method and from what I read the funds will be restricted to people with US accounts only. At the same time, you need a personal invitation at this point to post up your own project. Sorry guys, I don’t have one myself to pass along. But, just thought this was interesting for anyone to keep on their radar if you are looking for funds for a project or business idea.