Looking For Your Old Equipment

April 10th, 2014 by

I was looking for an audio cord the other day and I am pretty sure I have one laying around somewhere. I basically wanted to test out a connection from my monitor to my desktop speakers. However, I couldn’t find it immediately and one thing that crossed my mind was instead of looking around for it maybe I should just buy a new one. I know many people would opt to do that and as a result this is usually how we end up with so many pairs of the same item.

While I am usually pretty good in holding myself back in cases like this, I really needed to know if my setup would work or not for an upcoming project and so I ended up going to the dollar store and buying one for like $2. The dirty feeling of spending money on something extra that you know must be laying around somewhere. It’s almost a sin that the thing is cheap too as I am sure if it costs like $1000 there is no way I would say may as well just get a new one.

On a different note, I have no idea how dollar stores can call themselves that anymore either as it doesn’t seem like anything inside is actually $1.

Amy’s Baking Company Story

April 9th, 2014 by

I bumped into a story today about an episode of Kitchen’s nightmare. It dealt with a restaurant called Amy’s Baking Company and what made it interesting was how the owners seem to have this cyber battle with its customers. For example, there was apparently one incident where a customer posted a bad Yelp review and the owner left a rather nasty response as you can see here http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/bella/2010/08/ouch_todays_hard_lesson_on_yel.php

It was awkward listening to the owner justifying all this too where it was essentially a situation of if you hit them then they hit you back. It’s sure an interesting case study though of social media and how it can impact a business I thought. At the same time, is it better to simply ignore or respond to what you feel are just negative artificial comments that are trying to get a reaction out of you?

I think the best comment I heard was that if people are truly just posting negative stuff because of like a crowd mentality then as a business you need to make it as easy as possible for those that support you to get their voices out there. When you think it about it, it’s basically your customers that will be doing the “debating” for you as opposed to yourself. That’s the way it should be in the end isn’t it? Example, you focus in providing the best and it will take care of itself from there.

Of course I don’t have first-hand experience with this place and am relying on solely the media that is available. But wow, it sure shows you that you can’t just go ballistic even if someone is saying what you feel is inaccurate. Unless your goal is just to get TV ratings that is.

The Extra Recycling Fee

April 8th, 2014 by

This is one of those things that I guess I never really paid attention to when it came to buying canned drinks from the supermarket. I was essentially looking for a good deal on some coconut water and ended up seeing a pack of 24 for a decent price. So I decided to buy it. While it was tagged at about $14.99, the end price came out to a little over $17.

At first I was thinking it is simply the can deposit money that you can get back. Upon further inspection though it appears that there was a fee for the deposit as well as the recycling fee. Again, this is one of those things that I never really paid attention to as I don’t usually buy these items in bulk. It was kind of funny because I spent some time calculating how you will save about 12 cents a can by buying it in bulk. However, at the end of it all you are basically saving the extra fee costs.

I have gotten used to fees like this for electronics and so I always try to make sure I factor that in to the final total before determining if it is a good deal. At this rate, someday we will have to pay a disposal fee for anything that comes in a wrapper too huh? Almost makes me wish that stores have to display the actual final price tag of the item as opposed to one before taxes and all. Would make things a lot easier.

Trying To Find Last Minute Reviews

April 7th, 2014 by

Today while shopping I saw that there was a bundle of coconut water on sale and it sounded like a reasonable deal. The problem was I had no experience with this particular brand and since it was a bundle of six one litre packages it would be a waste if I didn’t actually like it. Therefore, my first reaction was to go online and attempt to find user reviews of the product.

This made me think how this is like the new way that many people decide on whether or not to buy your products or services. There have been a few occasions over the week where I have seen other people and businesses do the same when they are looking for some kind of third party solution. Kind of shows you the importance of investing in social media in general and trying to make sure as many people as possible put out a good word for you huh? Of course this can mean more fake reviews too and so you need to try and screen those out.

Maybe I should find like some kind of mobile community for things like this. It would be very handy.

Half Baked Experience To Save Money

April 6th, 2014 by

Today there was that Wrestlemania 30 event and that means enticing followers to subscribe to like its pay-per view subscriptions which could be like $50. I was reading how some people didn’t want to pay that price and so instead they settled to getting updated through social media in real-time or listening to audio feeds. In some ways it almost reminds me of people trying to watch a largely anticipated sporting event on TV except since they didn’t subscribe to it they settle for a blurry picture in hopes to try to see something.

Maybe it’s just me, but that’s kind of torturing yourself isn’t it? I would be inclined to say if you are really that into an event then these are one of those times where you should simply plan for it ahead of time and make sacrifices elsewhere. Example, no dining out for the week if you frequently so that. Or at the same time, it could simply be one of those rewarding yourself moments as we all need to have a little fun with the money we earn too. If that isn’t an option I usually just tune myself out period to whatever the event may be.