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Seeing People Spend Money Like Water

Thursday, July 24th, 2014 by

I saw this interesting video today of a proposed reality show to be shot here that revolved around “Ultra Rich Asian Girls” of Vancouver. I guess you can say it seems to be going in the direction of all of those “Real Housewives of” shows where people get to view the drama revolving around rich people. This was the trailer I saw:

For the most part it seems like they are trying to find people who essentially inherited a lot of money and as a result are pretty carefree with the way they spend it. What caught my attention are the comments that people made such as how showing stuff like this will simply encourage people to be irresponsible for money. That got me thinking, does seeing things like this actually influence you to spend less or more in your life?

I know for myself, seeing things like this ironically makes me not want to be irresponsible with money. Am I the only one that thinks it’s silly for example to see someone buy such expensive things where they don’t seem to even think about the future or what would happen if they lost all their money one day? In that sense, it’s almost like it’s a free life lesson and in some ways is no different than reading stories of people who are say addicted to a certain substance. Like there, no matter how much you try to glamorize it I would think seeing it would discourage you from following that path.

Trading Away Excess Garden Goodies

Sunday, July 13th, 2014 by

I was having an interesting conversation today of a person who grows a lot of fruits and vegetables in his backyard where for some items they simply grow too fast and his family can’t consume everything. I was curious if he ever traded them with other people for different goods and he mentioned that he didn’t as in his mind most people wouldn’t be supportive for the idea.

This made me curious if it was simply a cultural thing in some places as I know here a lot of people would be open to the idea. Generally speaking, it costs us money to buy this stuff from the grocery store and as long as the other person has a need for the item it is almost like another form of cash. Funny enough, I even remember a person in my old neighborhood was simply selling groceries that he grew for the heck of it as he was bored of simply being in retirement a mode. As well, he would buy the items from other gardeners as well to then resell it.

Money doesn’t always have to be in the form of cash or credit I guess you can say in terms of having some kind of currency to buy items.

An Online Summer Camp To Save Money

Sunday, July 6th, 2014 by

I was reading about this site today where it is essentially a virtual summer camp.  Because it sounds like it is free at the moment, some people are considering this as an option for the summer time to keep the kids busy while saving money from sending them off to a traditional summer camp.

Makes me wonder like in these cases whether or not it’s better to simply spend the money on something more traditional to encourage some physical activity and such.  I suppose that heavily comes down to if you want your children to become more tech savvy too.  I always thought it’s more about the face to face interaction when it comes to these kinds of summer events personally.  Would you do this just to save money for example?

Happy Canada Day 2014

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 by

It’s Canada day here today and for the most part that meant simply relaxing and reflecting how fortunate we all are. It also meant getting bombarded with a bunch of Canada day related sale themes as well. I didn’t find any sales for items that I actually wanted so that made the day wallet friendly for me.

Like most holiday celebrations there is always free fireworks to enjoy too. The 2010 Olympic torch was also lit up again today which was neat as well. Goes to show you don’t always have to spend a ton of money to celebrate occasions as well. Happy Canada day everyone.

The Bad Side To Not Sharing Your Negative Experiences With Others

Thursday, June 26th, 2014 by

I was reading in the news recently about a person named Timothy Szabolcsi who is pretty much labelled as a con artist such as making people think he was a doctor of sort and ultimately causing people to spend thousands of dollars for his benefit. You can see a sample of the report here:

This really got me thinking, how is it possible that a person with this kind of history was able to financially dupe so many people? For example, by the sounds of it a simple background check would have probably verified or denied a lot of details. As well, if the person has conned that many people how is it that all these people haven’t banded together to build a case against the person to stop any potential further abuse from happening?

For myself, I share my stories all the time if I am 100% sure that the person or business in question is lying to defraud me or someone else as I feel I am essentially helping them to harm others if I don’t. I think the most common reason I hear is that people simply want to move on and not having anything to do with the person in general. At the same time, they are afraid of retaliation or the attention they will receive as a result of exposing them. Reading stories like this though, it should make you think twice.

Even for people or companies that I can’t verify 100% on what their intentions were, in terms of something that clearly comes across as them trying to deceive others for their personal financial gain, I always keep a well-documented record of it where if I hear another person with a similar story or experience then I am fully ready to contribute to the case, so to speak, to protect future victims. You never know how many lives you can essentially protect financially by doing so.