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Spending Money To Defend A Cause or Not

Thursday, November 20th, 2014 by

Interesting situation I saw today where there is apparently someone who is gung ho in trying to take a website down that involves publishing information that critically analyzes a public service here. As it would appear, the perpetrators are doing things like a denial of service attacks (DDoS) where the hope is to overwhelm the site in such a way with fake Internet traffic that it would get the site shutdown. So in this situation, would you be inclined to spend the money to secure the site or simply let them continue?

I was thinking how this is like one of those times where we usually turn to money based solutions when the free options are probably best. Like in this case, instead of spending all that money to try and stop such people it’s probably more effective to in a way let them do it and highlight it. Might sound strange, but at times like that where you are not in a financial position to have all the bells and whistles it’s better to get help from others I think.

If You Saw Friends or Family Losing Money For Love

Thursday, November 13th, 2014 by

Imagine if you saw a scenario where a person you knew all of a sudden was in a relationship with a person where he began to spend a lot of money on them to the point where they were sacrificing retirement funds. We aren’t talking about small lavish gifts here but rather things like a home. At the same time, based on the fact you feel that the person is simply being used for their money. Would you be inclined to do anything about it or say that it is their money and they are free to spend it in any way they want?

This is one of those things I see in like the movies all the time but I never actually expected to see it in real life. There isn’t much you can do either as who are you to tell a person that they should or shouldn’t be pursuing a relationship with someone right? I feel the only thing I can do is gather up the facts in a rational way financially and hope that it would encourage one to spend rationally.

Come to think of it too, I have heard multiple stories this year on how people in love have been willing to compromise themselves financially such as allowing others to take loans out of their name. As strange as it may sound, it makes me wonder how one would train themselves to avoid being abused financially in these types of scenarios. Generally speaking, we are kind of groomed by default where if you don’t take care of the one’s you love financially then you are a bad person, so to speak. I am thinking at this point the only one can do is be supportive.

Remembrance Day

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 by

Today was pretty much a day to reflect especially with that incident that happened this year in Canada. It’s days like these too where when it comes to money or business success it kind of makes you think how much you have done this year in terms of helping others? In many ways it almost feels like doing so is your way to say thank you to those who sacrificed their lives to give us the freedom we have today. More reason to work hard to be successful each day.

I did find it very awkward that some companies actually use this day to create sales events. Seems a little inappropriate don’t you think?

Exercise Ball As An Office Chair

Friday, November 7th, 2014 by

I was potentially thinking of getting a new office chair lately and for one reason or another I was a little more conscious about wanting to find something that would be suitable for times where I would have to sit for hours. That then led me to reading articles about how many people use exercise balls as office chairs where some argue it is better for you.

Knowing that you can usually get these things for like $10 to $30, I was so surprised to see ball chairs in the range of $100+ dollars on average. They looked simply like an exercise ball with a back support on it. Granted I am no expert on the topic, but financially I thought it would be cheaper overall than a regular office chair. This isn’t exactly an item that is readily available for you to try at most stores too.

This is one of those battles between your money and a lack of knowledge. Example, like here I would probably most likely just stick with what I know if I was to buy the item today even though there would be a nagging part on my mind with all the things I read on how the other option may be better. No way around this other than research unless I want to think with my wallet.

Do You Ever Store Materials Like Remembrance Day Poppies

Thursday, November 6th, 2014 by

There was some news today on how as a result of Remembrance Day coming up here and in lights of that recent shooting event here in Canada the demand for poppies are higher than usual. As a result, there is a shortage. That made me wonder, are there actually very few people who would store items like these as opposed to simply throwing them away in the garbage after the event is over?

I always have a habit of storing away items like these where I think they can be re-used. For example, at times I would even keep those Chinese New Year lucky red envelopes as I figure it would be easy to re-use. But for things like these poppies, is there any different between this where you would attend to use each year and say a special tie for your suit? The only thing I can think of is that a poppy is usually so cheap that most people figure it is no big deal to just get a new one each year.

Makes me wonder how much money we use up each year for items like these as a result of not wanting to store them away for future use.