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Happy Thanksgiving In Canada

Monday, October 13th, 2014 by

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadian visitors out there. I am fully expecting every supermarket here tomorrow to have things like cranberry related items on deep discounts. I was actually thinking of visiting various grocery places tomorrow too as research for that grocery spending test. Either way, have a great holiday everyone.

My Nephew’s Stolen Nintendo 3DS Story

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 by

A few weeks ago I was told that my nephew brought his Nintendo 3DS system to school. Upon arriving home, apparently it was realized that it had either been misplaced or stolen. It was unfortunate too as I know just a few weeks ago his dad bought some digital titles for it too. He actually wasn’t supposed to bring it to school either so as you can imagine it made things worst.

My first suggestion was that maybe they should somehow let the teacher or the parents of the children in the classroom know where if any of them see a child all of a sudden with a gaming system then there is a high chance it’s not theirs. But to my surprise, the first comment I got back was that it was hopeless as people don’t generally care too much if the situation doesn’t involve them. As a result, I was then thinking maybe that is what I should get him for Christmas if no one was willing do anything.

I was told today that he was able to get his system back through a rather interesting scenario. Apparently while in school he noticed that one of his friend was playing a Nintendo 3DS system and his immediate comment was he told his friend “Hey, that looks like the same color as mine.” If anything, it was just a coincident in his mind. I was told too that if you look at the software installed it didn’t have all of the items that he remembered.

Then a short while later the friend goes up to my nephew and gives him the 3DS saying something like he could have it if he wants. My nephew did take it. Upon inspection, apparently the system had all the personal data deleted such as photos. As well, the serial number sticker on the bottom had been tampered with where it’s apparent that whoever took it clearly went out of their way to try and cover up whoever was the original owner of it.

The thing about this situation is you can’t outright say the friend took it even though all the signs may be there and I don’t think parents would want to push the issue. If you were the parent though would you actually go out of your way to really find out if it was the friend that stole it so that you can teach your child how when you have valued items you never know who may try to take it from you?

You may be wondering how this relates to money or finance. In many ways, it’s no different as an adult where I feel one of the biggest factors in losing money is that the sad reality is even people close to us can often do dumb things like steal from you too if they are desperate enough and the situation presents itself. But as a child we are usually only taught that strangers could do such a thing. Kind of makes me wonder why we are always taught to never take candy from a stranger yet we aren’t taught things like this is possible too. Usually it’s only through things like movies or real-life experience where we learn about scenarios like these.

Strange Solutions You Learn In Trying To Be Thrifty

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 by

I was recently asked if I knew of any way to get rid of a kitchen cupboard smell that seems like it was from all the glue as a result of it being newly installed. As you can imagine, the smell is so strong that all the dishes that sit in it pretty much has a strong odor afterwards too. As usual I try to find cheap and economical solution for things and in this case it was kind of surprising.

Apparently one thing that people do is use ground up coffee beans as apparently that is a good way to neutralize odors. Upon further reading some people even use it for things like a shoe. With all of the more expensive options you have it sure is awkward when you read things like this. You almost feel silly paying for expensive chemical solutions when you read stuff like this. Being thrifty can sure be educational at the same time.

Saving Money On Advertising By Being Extremely Negative

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 by

I kind of found this a little odd as lately here there has been a lot of sites and media sources that have been talking about this anonymous tumblr account called ihatevan where someone is essentially criticizing the city of Vancouver and why he thinks it is a bad place to live. You can the account at

While people seem to be arguing/debating the points that are brought up there, funny enough the first thing I thought about was this guy sure knows how to get free advertising. Based on some other items I read too, apparently the guy is anonymous because it is alleged that the person is a politician of some sort. That’s kind of funny where there are probably so many businesses that crave for that kind of attention by doing deeds or something with a more positive and yet this shows you that being negative can be more effective.

It almost feels like watching a TV show where many people condemn things like a reality show that has people fighting and cursing at each other yet those are the show directions which generate the most attention. Personally speaking, at first I didn’t think it was a big deal as to me it is simply someone expressing an opinion. At the same time, usually if a person is that vocal it can ironically mean they want things to change with good intentions. So it was kind of surprising to see how this was able to push the buttons of many people.

Maybe that old saying is true here where if you are not pissing someone off then you are not doing it right.

Looking At Past Sale Prices Before Making Decision

Monday, September 22nd, 2014 by

I noticed there appeared to be a good deal for a computer monitor and as a result I was thinking of getting it.  However, events like say a Black Friday or Boxing Day seems pretty close to me where the thought of potentially seeing a better day makes me want to wait.  Others may say 3 months is way too long, but to me that feels like a very short time.  So to really help me with my decision I decided to look at the product’s previous sale prices.

For the most part, it seemed like the sale price was pretty consistent with what it would be at a discounted rate.  As a result, that tells me that it can go for cheaper and that there is no real rush to get it.  This is a good way to not get immediately sucked into sale and clearance signs as well where it’s natural for all of us to think it’s a great deal.  For example, I remember this one place that has been opened for years and every time I passed by they always had signs advertising that they are having a moving out of business sale.  A simple check of its past sale prices will show it’s not a good deal at all.  Stay informed and updated.