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Just Buying The Prize Item Instead

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 by

I was talking to a person today who appeared to have won a few stuffed animals as result of playing these games. These are basically carnival games where you often have to pay $5 or more to try and win a prize. There was this one game where it didn’t sound too hard but you had to essentially play X amount of times to actually win anything good. The cost to do this was about $30 it seems. I was looking at the stuffed animal that was won and I know for a fact you could buy it for like $7 at a retail store.

It does sound kind of silly if you were playing it just for the prize in that sense huh? This can apply to other things too such as people buying a lot of cereal to simply get a toy or candy that comes inside the box. I guess sometimes we just assume that prizes from places like these are exclusive to these game vendors only when many times that isn’t the case. They bought it from somewhere too and if you look hard enough you can easily get it for cheap as well.

The Lure of Those Cheap In Home Kits

Monday, August 25th, 2014 by

I know a person who needed to get some medical testing done and the price to do so was pretty hefty. As a result, they turned to the Internet and saw all these kits that promised to do what all the professionals would do except the cost was like 20% of what you would normally pay for an in-office test. I guess a very common type of service is teeth whitening where an in-home kit is a lot cheaper than going to a dentist.

Would you ever trust an in-home kit though in this cases where it’s something that you really need and are simply trying to save money? To me it just seems so risky where there is a high chance you will end up buying something that doesn’t work. As a result, you then buy more products where eventually it’s like you ended up paying the high fee for the professional anyways. Funny enough, even for professional services you can often try to at least “price match” service fees too. I would much rather try that route personally if it is for a seriously needed product or service.

Skipping a Sale Because of The Crowd

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 by

At one of the local supermarkets here today there was another no tax sales event and usually the store gets extremely packed during these times. The funny thing is how a lot of people tend to buy more items such as groceries when in reality these items aren’t normally taxed. So in essence, those people don’t save any money. It does create massive lineups at the checkout though.

Interestingly enough, I just decided to skip the sale all together this time around since for what I was interested in I would have probably saved like $2. Waiting all that time and going through the madness didn’t seem to be worth it for those little savings. In cases like these I think it is wiser to use your time to simply make more money. I think the only exception are on special days like Boxing Day where many times you don’t know what is on sale unless you actually go to the store. Time is money too.

Does Reading Bad News Make You Rethink About Money

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 by

There didn’t seem to be anyway around this news today as pretty much every social media source had the story about the James Foley beheading incident. One of the things I was thinking about after reading about it was how it sure made me think if anything I do in life contributes financially to people who would do such a thing. This can range from buying products that are in anyway affiliated with the group. Sometimes it’s not so clear as well since we usually buy things from the supermarket without even wondering where it came from.

Like in these cases, these would be one of those times where I would be willing to not be frugal and spend more if it meant not supporting something outrageous. In many ways too, finding good deals and knowing exactly where the product is coming from go hand to hand. Not only is it a good way to inform you about the value of the product, but at the same time you would know what you are supporting. Being a bargain shopper and wanting the best value isn’t always just about the final bill.

Reading news like this definitely makes me think about the places I shop at just in case I am missing something.

Preparing Financially To Go To A Fair

Monday, August 18th, 2014 by

I will be spending some time at a local fair tomorrow and of course that means being in an area where food and beverages are marked up like crazy. For example, a bottle of water costing over $3. Therefore, it’s not too bad of an idea to actually prepare some stuff ahead of time if you want to save money on the very basics like water. I get the notion of wanting to say pay for special foods and beverages that are only available during this time of year, but paying too much for everyday items isn’t fun in my mind.

I know one reason a lot of people don’t attend events like these because of the prices. With a little bit of planning though you can make the financial dent a lot less. I know that seems kind of weird as it is almost like telling people to prepare all your beverages and such ahead of time before going to watch a movie in the theatre. In that case it’s not allowed, but in this case it is. May as well use that to your advantage.