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Really Thinking About Finances In Being Independent

Thursday, September 18th, 2014 by

I haven’t been following the news too much about the Scotland referendum, but it was unavoidable today as it was all over the news and social media.  It got me curious to read more about the situation as years ago there was a referendum here in Canada where the province of Quebec was voting to separate or not.  There was one point in both of these cases that seemed to bring out a common remark such as if they were to separate what currency would they use?  For the most part, it seemed like no one really thought about stuff like that.  Of course, that in itself would require a lot of time and money to establish.

Because of that, it makes me think of like one’s personal finance where many times we simply focus on what we want to make ourselves feel like we are in control of our lives without thinking what it truly means financially.  Example, I know a few people who were so happy to buy a house only to be surprised financially how much extra they have to pay for even the simple things such as having to pay a larger property tax by themselves.

This is where doing things like browsing around stores a lot whether it be in-person or online actually helps I find.  Constantly seeing all those price tags on various daily needs makes you think about what is needed on average to be financially stable.  In a way too, it forces you to constantly compare what you make versus what you can realistically spend as well.  Some say that is way too much work, but if you simply make it a lifestyle habit it’s almost as simple as breathing I think.

You Have To Work To Waste That Much Money

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 by

I saw this video from the Wall Street Journal site today revolving around the theme on how one could make $400,000 a year and still feel broke. You can see the video at

I don’t know if this is supposed to be serious or a form of satire comedy. Example, $500 a week on groceries? $12,000 in club dues a year? This kind of reminds me of what I found to be a comical infographic that the WSJ created awhile back talking about how tax hikes affect people which you can see here:




Like with that, people sure make a lot of money on average to be sad huh? :D  It does make me wonder if these types of information are based on real examples. I mentioned it before though, reading stuff like this and seeing how ridiculous it is can in a strange way help you to manage your money better as I don’t think anyone wants to be in that pool of financial graduates. You have to actually try and go out of your way to waste money to achieve that level of accomplishment in many ways.

Back To School Shopping After All The Traditional Sales

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 by

So today there was an announcement that the BC teacher’s strike will potentially be over with class possibility starting next week for students. With this news a lot of parents admitted to now starting to shop for school supplies for their children. For the most part all the regular back to school savings are over at this point and if you are trying to find deals you will have to hope that companies have a good weekly sale for the items you need.

While it would have been wiser to shop beforehand hand, I would say if you are looking for deals one of the best ways to do it is to look for company sales like an anniversary event. In those cases, usually stores have a load of items on sale and things such has stationary are usually on that list. I know Walmart is having an anniversary sale this week for example which will probably offer some discounted school related items.

I still think online would probably be the best value way to shop, but if this is really last minute then a tradition retail store will probably be the most efficient.

People Getting Shocked Over Simple Savings

Sunday, September 14th, 2014 by

The other day I went to buy some juice as a person was telling me that they had difficulty finding it. As well, they didn’t drive and so dragging it back home is a pain. So I decided to buy a bunch which worked out to a little less than $1.70 per carton. When I brought it to the person I was asked how much it cost and she was shocked as she usually paid about $2.20 for each cartoon. This was shocked like as if someone won $1000 shocked.

I found it cute and at the same time it kind of showed me how so many people shop simply based on convenience. As a result, your simple knowledge of finding good deals is probably more valuable than you think. I think everyone appreciates it when someone tells them about a good deal to save them money right? It’s just sometimes we set ourselves up to such a higher bar of what a crazy deal would be that we forget that even the small deals can be big for others. I guess in general, learn to share your deals and money saving tips to others as it can brighten people’s day. :)

Financial Embarrassment Protection As A Selling Point

Saturday, September 13th, 2014 by

Recently I was really surprised to see that I was charged a monthly overdraft fee on one of my accounts as I have absolutely no use for service like these. As well, I don’t remember enlisting into a monthly fee service for this. After contacting the bank I was told the following:

“Effective as of August 2014, the monthly fee for your overdraft protection (Standard) has changed to $4.00. Please note that this change was communicated in recent months by letter, Online Banking messages and on your eStatements. Your current overdraft protection option covers unexpected shortfalls in your account, up to your approved overdraft limit. A monthly fee of $4.00 applies with this option and allows you to take advantage of your current Overdraft Protection at your convenience, up to your approved limit.”

When I think about it, I probably agreed to this like ages ago because the bank representative probably told me that it didn’t cost anything. But as you can see here things change. What I did find a little funny about this is that apparently the selling point of an overdraft service is to prevent you the embarrassment if you were to take more money out of your account then you already have.

I was thinking, you would sure pay a lot of money over time for this. If anything, it’s almost like it is better to not have it period so that this will force you to keep updated with how much money you actually have in the account. I only remember this once ever happening to someone where he wrote me a cheque and it bounced due to the lack of funds. For him it was embarrassing more because he kept mentioning how money is never an issue in his life.

I suppose this shows too that for many things even though it is free now it can easily not be later on. So if you don’t need it you may want to simply pass on it.