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Having A Cell Phone Service Down All Day

Thursday, September 11th, 2014 by

I thought this was odd today as when I turned my phone on it indicated that it was in data roaming mode. This is like within a large coverage zone too which was odd. However, after reading online a bit apparently the service was down for virtually everyone. So, this meant no using the cell phone unless I wanted to pay ridiculous roaming rates.

The funny thing was I had so many backup solutions for it that it was kind of surprising. For example, I was able to easily get wi-fi access and if I wanted to make phone calls I would then use a voip service. Fortunately it didn’t make me go into like a scramble mode where I would then buy all these products and services just to get the thing working for one day. At the same time, it sure isn’t the end of the world like many people express when this happens.

Just don’t put all your eggs in one basket I suppose where you are absolutely dependent on one provider. Those are usually the worst times too where we spend almost anything even if it makes no financial sense.

The Bay Promo Code Fiasco

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 by

I must say, this has been an interesting event to follow thus far.  Recently, as many of you know, was running a promotion where by entering various promotional codes you could get a discount on the order. It appeared that the coupons were stackable and as a result you could get 45%+ savings on almost everything. Now many knew that there was chances the order wouldn’t actually go through as this seems like a too good to be true scenario.

But what seemed to have gotten people all riled up is the company’s way of handling this. First the company issued out this generic e-mail as you can see here:



So as you can see, they essentially didn’t really take any fault in the matter and labelled it as a user error. So that seemed to have ruffled a few feathers. It then got more interesting as their method of cancelling orders for many people apparently was that they sent messages that the items were simply “out of stock.” Many people allege that this is a potential way to bypass any kind of laws to get the company to honor any of the orders. People were actually testing this out of stock theory such as making new orders and the messages on their Facebook page sure demonstrated how that simply wasn’t the case:




I was thinking how this probably wouldn’t have been so overblown if the business simply admitted that there is a fault in the system. Even as a bargain shopper myself I understand if the company has malfunctions like these. A little business transparency goes a long way huh? Especially in this day and age where it’s so easy to look up various information. Interested to see how this all pans out in the end.  What do others think?  Are bargain hunters going overboard here or does The Hudson Bay Company have a very poor way of managing its online operations?

Knowing Enough People To Make A Team

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014 by

For the second time in recent weeks I have seen various opportunities that required a team of people with short notice to do and it got me thinking how it’s so important to meet as many different kinds of people as possible as you never know what will happen tomorrow. Often times we focus a lot in investing in resources to make things more productive for ourselves whereas in cases like these it would seem sensible to invest in things that allow you to meet more people as well.

I usually get to do this as a result of working on projects or jobs that simply interest me. In some ways in these cases it’s almost like getting paid to meet others. Even with the last work I participated in I was surprised to see there were many other people who had similar industry backgrounds like myself except in different categories. It’s almost like doing a non-profit project and indirectly meeting people whom may have a skill or trait that would be suitable for a future line of work. It keeps life interesting too where you won’t complain about having a boring routine every day. Opportunities are always getting thrown at you when you least expect it. You just have to be prepared to take advantage of them and many times that involves knowing the right people.

Taking All Risks In Making A Sale

Friday, August 29th, 2014 by

I thought this was kind of funny the other day as there was this sign plastered near the location of the annual fair here. As you can see, there was an individual that was selling bottled water on the street with a sales pitch on how inside the fair you would be looking to pay at least $3.50 whereas this person is charging $1.


I was thinking how you normally need some kind of permit to street vendor like this. Especially being right next to the fair itself where I am sure the merchants inside wouldn’t be too happy about it. Almost like a person going up to a movie theatre and advertising right next to the door on how he can sell the same soda for less. However, I would assume that this person simply decided to take the risk hoping nobody would care and that he would end up making a decent profit. Almost like setting up a lemonade stand.

Kind of ironic in some ways where I’m sure in most business types of books you are told to go through all the proper procedures to do business. In cases like this it’s not too far fetch that a lot of people get started this way even if it isn’t technically abiding by standard rules. Would you take the risk in not getting say licensed to sell your products in these types of scenarios with the mindset that you are so small that no one cares?

Doing The Same Work As Multiple People

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 by

I was having a conversation today about comparing some staffing scenarios where there were two different teams that were essentially running the same type of program. However, one team had less work to do while the other had more. The one that had more work actually had the same amount of people working on it as the other group. Apparently the group that had less work was mentioning how it was difficult due to not having enough people which the other group had to laugh about a bit.

It’s a funny topic in some ways as it had to do with company budgeting and I can imagine in this case an executive would simply look at numbers and dollar signs to assess what is appropriate. However, in this case there didn’t seem to be any consideration in terms of the quality of the individual. Kind of like saying, in many ways in this case it was like you can hire two people at $20 an hr each to try and fulfill a task or you can attract a superb worker at $35 an hour who can literally do the same thing as the two combined.

It’s not something we often think about huh? People do it all the time when it comes to buying products, but it’s interesting how many times we don’t even think of this when it comes to paying people to do a job. Sometimes it can make more sense to pay for higher quality workers.