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Generosity Is For Suckers And Greed Is Good

Saturday, September 27th, 2014 by

I was watching this video today that seemed like another version of a Ted talk video topic I saw before about wealth and what it does to people. In this one a person used the phrase on how “Generosity is for suckers” and that “greed is good” when it comes to being financially successful. You can watch the video here.

A point was brought up too about how there are billionaires in the world who are extremely generous which makes that phrase not true. I was really thinking about this and while it is true in many ways, I think it’s more like being generous to everyone is for suckers. Even speaking from personal experience, for most people you would think that the cause of losing a lot of money would be living beyond your means, buying useless items you don’t need or say gambling it away in a casino. Even in my case, the number one way I have lost the most money in my life was being too generous.

This ranged from say loaning a long-time friend five figures only to never see a penny back to helping start-up entrepreneurs who claimed that once you help them they will in-return do good for others. In cases like these they never turned out good. Like in these cases, if I was simply greedy as oppose to being generous I definitely would have had a lot more money. Would I say that being generous in general is the culprit? In some ways yes but in many ways no.

It’s almost bad to say, but when it comes to money the only common theme I have seen is if you are generous based purely on the emotional factor then you are asking for trouble. Even if it is the person that claims to be your best friend, you need to be generous but still treat the whole scenario as if you are investing with a stranger.

It can be the same for a charity. If you are simply giving away all your time and money because the charity claims they are there to help the kids don’t be surprised if it turns out to be like scam. Like in that case you really need to research about the organization as well. Some of the best moments for me in life has been when my generous deeds made such a profound positive impact in someone else’s life. However, for everyone one person that is deserving there are probably like nine others who just want to take from you. I guess a funny way to put it is that you need to be greedy on who you can be generous to.

Ello Showed Me How Business Savvy Regular People Can Be

Thursday, September 25th, 2014 by

I’m not sure about everyone else, but I have recently been getting a lot of notices and news about a social media site called Ello that is apparently supposed to directly challenge a site like Facebook. It seems like its main draw is how it mentions that essentially many social media sites exists to sell your data information to advertisers. Instead, Ello aims to be an ad-free social network.

The first that thing came to a lot of people’s mind was the question on how the company plans to fund itself as most company’s say they are anti-commercial but when the offers come that all disappears. I was surprised after on how fast regular users were able to find information such as which venture capitalist firm the company received funds from as you can see from this link:

You would think the large publications would get this first. Many people really do their research on where their food comes from nowadays. In this case, more people now actually try and investigate the business of companies such as where its funding comes from. Of course this doesn’t say if the company is good or bad of course, but it gives you a wealth of information to analyze constructively for yourself on how long one’s publicly proposed goal can last.

Kind of how I expressed before that reading about business news and details isn’t just for people involved in the industry commercially as you can sure get a wealth of information about products and services this way instead of relying only on marketing material to do so. Interested to see how this Ello goes now as a result.

Having Fun Getting Educated With Alibaba Prices

Sunday, September 21st, 2014 by

So with all this news about the company Alibaba and how it’s recent IPO is valued at over $200 billion I decided to take a peek at the site.  I was aware before that the site is known to essentially be a wholesale site where people can mostly buy various items from overseas suppliers.  As a result, you can expect the prices to be cheap.


Sure enough, that is what it seemed like such as USB cables for like twenty cents a piece.  You do have to purchase it in bulk of course which makes it unreasonable for most residential consumers.  However, looking at all these prices sure puts things in perspective on how much of a markup many of the items you buy have.  Especially in places like a dollar store where someone would initially think they make almost nothing on the items.

I does make me wonder too where a lot of the items look like they are knockoffs which puts things in perspective on how if something looks way too cheap price wise at the store this could very well be the reason.  It’s good to look at price-lists like these from time to time though to give you a better perspective on what is say too expensive or a good price to pay for various goods.

Having A Cell Phone Service Down All Day

Thursday, September 11th, 2014 by

I thought this was odd today as when I turned my phone on it indicated that it was in data roaming mode. This is like within a large coverage zone too which was odd. However, after reading online a bit apparently the service was down for virtually everyone. So, this meant no using the cell phone unless I wanted to pay ridiculous roaming rates.

The funny thing was I had so many backup solutions for it that it was kind of surprising. For example, I was able to easily get wi-fi access and if I wanted to make phone calls I would then use a voip service. Fortunately it didn’t make me go into like a scramble mode where I would then buy all these products and services just to get the thing working for one day. At the same time, it sure isn’t the end of the world like many people express when this happens.

Just don’t put all your eggs in one basket I suppose where you are absolutely dependent on one provider. Those are usually the worst times too where we spend almost anything even if it makes no financial sense.

The Bay Promo Code Fiasco

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 by

I must say, this has been an interesting event to follow thus far.  Recently, as many of you know, was running a promotion where by entering various promotional codes you could get a discount on the order. It appeared that the coupons were stackable and as a result you could get 45%+ savings on almost everything. Now many knew that there was chances the order wouldn’t actually go through as this seems like a too good to be true scenario.

But what seemed to have gotten people all riled up is the company’s way of handling this. First the company issued out this generic e-mail as you can see here:



So as you can see, they essentially didn’t really take any fault in the matter and labelled it as a user error. So that seemed to have ruffled a few feathers. It then got more interesting as their method of cancelling orders for many people apparently was that they sent messages that the items were simply “out of stock.” Many people allege that this is a potential way to bypass any kind of laws to get the company to honor any of the orders. People were actually testing this out of stock theory such as making new orders and the messages on their Facebook page sure demonstrated how that simply wasn’t the case:




I was thinking how this probably wouldn’t have been so overblown if the business simply admitted that there is a fault in the system. Even as a bargain shopper myself I understand if the company has malfunctions like these. A little business transparency goes a long way huh? Especially in this day and age where it’s so easy to look up various information. Interested to see how this all pans out in the end.  What do others think?  Are bargain hunters going overboard here or does The Hudson Bay Company have a very poor way of managing its online operations?