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Using A Voice Recorder To Sell For You

Sunday, April 20th, 2014 by

This was hilarious I thought I thought today as I was in a supermarket here called T&T where like most other places they have mini booths where you can sample products as well as one’s designated in selling a specific item. I was walking past this one that sold roasted chestnuts. As usual you hear like a person yelling out to try samples and all. However, the employee was just kind of standing there looking bored and not moving her mouth which immediately made me think that there was something wrong.


Upon closer inspection, on the far back of all the packages there was like a voice recorder that was literally playing a looped pre-recorded voice of a person asking people to come try the product. I know technology has its usage, but in a situation like this it just looks plain weird. Maybe with all this tech people are forgetting how to actually approach and talk to people in-person huh? I can’t see it as saving the business money either as there is still a person that has to attend the display. Interesting Easter Sunday bit.

Not Caring As Long As You Are Making Money

Friday, April 18th, 2014 by

I was spammed with this apparent business opportunity recently of something called My Top Tier Business or MTTB. At first I thought it was simply some kind of e-book or program where someone is trying to sell you a system on how to make money online. Upon reading it further there seemed to be some kind of multilevel compensation structure to the opportunity. Where you can pay something like $2000 to get the full income opportunity.

My purpose in writing this though isn’t to evaluate if it is a scam or not as I am sure there are a ton of sites that are already engaged in that kind of debate. What caught my attention was how since this had traits of a multi-level marketing company in many ways sure enough it used similar recruitment techniques such as people holding these large payment cheques as most people see that and jump into it right away. Or they talk about a financial freedom lifestyle.

This then led me to read comments on how many of the top people who make a lot of money in general don’t care what others say as the bottom line is they are making it big and that’s all that counts. It seemed like there was one example of a person who was pumping this to his readers while at the same time acting as if he is not committed to it. Example, it would be like me saying I am going to try this program and I want you all to come under me. If it fails oh well. Of course, for him he would have made a lot of income and even though a lot of people would lose money it feels like for that person it’s a “who cares as long as I made money I am okay.”

Kind of reminds me of an episode of the Simpsons where Mr. Burns was talking about the secret to being wealthy and he lists off things like your friends and family. At first you think he was going to say they are important but instead it’s the opposite where he implies you have to not care about any of these people as you can’t let anyone get in the way of you making your millions.

While that is just a cartoon for laughs it sure seems very real in cases like these huh? With that in mind, whenever I see people presenting an income opportunity it’s always better to really investigate it as many times unfortunately the people selling you the opportunity truly won’t care if you go bankrupt as long as they are making money. For example, if they show you this crazy six figure cheque why not find out details such as how much money it actually took them to make that in like advertising costs? You are being sold a dream and vision of being at the top, but when making a decision it’s good to be awake instead.

Finding Out A Business Lied To You

Thursday, April 17th, 2014 by

Here’s an interesting scenario I saw today. Imagine there was a business scenario where you found out by accident that the other party has been misleading you for their own benefit. Example, it could be as generic as a business claiming they give their proceeds to charity only for you to the find out they actually pocket the money themselves. What would be your first course of action?

The most common answers I believe are you either cut your ties with them immediately or you give them a chance to correct the issue. I heard one response that was kind of interesting where that one person would burn the bridge but not completely. Basically, it’s like leaving but still entertaining the possibility of associating with each other.

I was trying to imagine how one could develop that train of thought though especially if it is the like scenario above. Maybe I watch too many movies, but usually if it is that extreme of a deception then most likely it will happen again. It’s kind of different from say two people having creative differences or one leaving professionally for other opportunities. Then again, you do hear stories of people who say made a living out of scamming people only to completely change as well. Just one of the many tricky situations you can find yourself in when it comes to doing business I suppose.

Being Right Versus Being Profitable

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 by

Here is an interesting scenario that I heard today. Imagine you had a business relationship with another company that was helping you make money and vice versa. While it was a win-win situation, it turned out one side wanted to jump ships as they felt the grass was greener on the other side. So the other business took this as a bit of an insult. While they were certain they would fail if they moved, the other option was to essentially do what it takes to keep that relationship as businesses wise you could keep using them to help you grow, so to speak.

It didn’t end up that way as this was too much of an insult for the business and so they parted ways. As the years went by this created more competition for the business as a result of the other company now helping the competitor. In the end they were right as they did fail financially, but this also meant all this time competing with them resulted in less profit as well. Kind of an interesting question there. Would you be inclined to do what’s best for business, so to speak, or would your ethics and principles take the front seat in the decision making?

Kind of tricky as I think this is one of those scenarios where people’s answers will probably vary depending on if the situation is actually placed in front of them. A more common/simple example would be like an employee who you felt went out of line. Example, if your best salesman whom you helped when he had nothing starts acting like he is the only one that matters while constantly saying he is thinking of going to a competitor for more money would you do what it takes to keep him or would you simply let him go just to be right?

One of those things where many people say you should take the emotion out of making business decisions. I bet it is easier said than done though huh?

Template Business Pitches From PR Firms

Monday, April 14th, 2014 by

Almost every day I receive requests from people who are inquiring if they can publish some articles here for their clients in exchange for a link back to their site. Essentially, it’s supposed to be a way for the marketing firm to help its client get more exposure. The funny thing is I would love to help people out in this way. However, in these cases every pitch is obviously from a template and as a result it makes me want to ignore it.

It makes me wonder why people don’t take the time to actually personalize their letters to the people they are speaking with. It is no different than sending in a resume or cover letter to a perspective business you are interested in working with I think. One interesting example too is that many of them pitch the notion that the person would be writing unique and original content that people here would be interested in. When I request a simple thing that the author would have to answer some basic questions they get scared. To me, this shows that they simply want to dump pre-made articles to as many places as possible.

To all you PR firms out there, take the time to actually connect with the sources you are targeting I say. You’d be surprised at how much of a better response you will get by personalizing your letters at minimum.