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News Report On 1-888-JUNK-VAN

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014 by

I was surprised to read on my twitter feed recently that there was apparently an undercover investigation done on a local Vancouver junk removal company called 1-888-junk-van. Why did this company name ring a bell? It happened to be the exact junk removal company I blogged about awhile back where my experience with them wasn’t exactly ideal.

The investigation was done by a local consumer reporter named Lynda Steele and you can read an article overview of the report at

Based on the report and some other research it seems like the company is owned by a Mohammad Sharif Begg. After watching the report on TV the main thing I was thinking was how I should have documented my experience better as it sounds like there are a ton of people who had similar negative experiences. Without the tangible proof of course it becomes a he said she said case. It can’t be a coincident on how so many points in this investigation was similar to my experience.

While I haven’t had much experience with junk and waste removal companies, there are sure a lot of sketchy operations I noticed. Example, one’s that have questionable billing practices like in this report or one’s that internally have questionable human resource practices. I am wondering if the reason for it is because the business itself seems fairly straight forward to setup.

I am really curious what is going to happen next to this company. For example, one possibility is that they can simply re-brand if they feel the current attention is too much where they can continue what they do. Sometimes having a ton of negative reviews isn’t good enough to change things for the better. Only time will tell. I do love it when everyone comes together and shares stories though to fill in pieces of a puzzle like for some of my other posts where the Internet essentially did the exposing together. :)

Investing In A Rich Kid’s Business

Friday, October 10th, 2014 by

I was watching that show Shark Tank today and the last pitch was interesting where apparently the people asking for an investor had a wealthy family who had already invested two million dollars into them. However, they still haven’t achieved the desired level of success. This then brought up a remark from one of the regular investors on how she never invests in a rich kid’s business as people who are dirt poor are more hungry and desperate to succeed. She was saying that she felt their biggest liability was their rich dad.

That was definitely a remark that was kind of surprising as generally speaking I don’t think you can stereotype everyone like that. If anything, I think there are probably just more odds that someone with a poor background has been through harder times in life where they are more likely to be able to persevere through many obstacles to succeed. On the flip-side, I think the main negative of never being extremely rich would create different obstacles such as you are more potentially more generous and hence more likely to be susceptible to people who just want your money in a disguised sympathy way. Example, like lottery winners who lose everything fast.

Ultimately, it all comes down to life experience. This was the first time I have heard a wealthy person talk down about others who start a business largely because they come from a financially fortunate background. It almost makes me think of like Paris Hilton types of debate too though. Example, if the ultimate end goal for everyone in her type of field is to get attention and notoriety to then make money couldn’t you say she did just that? Tricky conversation when we are talking purely from a business point of view huh?

Seeing A Company Being So Price Competitive

Thursday, October 9th, 2014 by

This was a surprise as I was doing some research for a DSLR mic and one of my destinations was an online store that generally had the biggest selections but the worst prices. To my surprise though, it’s like the business did a 180 and decided to be extremely competitive all of a sudden. They even introduced options to compete with suppliers in other countries.

I was inclined to shop with them at least once now where even if its prices are the same as others while providing similar services it’s almost like I want to reward the business for the effort. Maybe they got a new management or that their internal shoppers are doing a better job in shopping the competition. I don’t think I am the only one who appreciates it when they see a business trying to compete for your dollar. Something to think about too as a business where sometimes it’s good to flaunt the things you are doing to earn a customer’s purchase.

Sometimes It Takes A Different Format To Get The Point Across

Saturday, October 4th, 2014 by

With all this thought about money and groceries lately I was watching a documentary about how much food items farmers end up throwing away and one line I heard was that people were astonish that these types of topics aren’t talked about more. That got me thinking where that video will probably get people talking for sure whereas if it is just data on a piece of paper most probably wouldn’t care.

It’s interesting to think about in terms of business I thought where if you are trying to get a certain message across maybe spending like tens of thousands of dollars on say brochures aren’t the ideal way to get people to take action. Reminds me of the other time I mentioned where it seemed like in one situation all a company did was use an infographic instead of a basic spreadsheet and that got so much more results for them.

Generosity Is For Suckers And Greed Is Good

Saturday, September 27th, 2014 by

I was watching this video today that seemed like another version of a Ted talk video topic I saw before about wealth and what it does to people. In this one a person used the phrase on how “Generosity is for suckers” and that “greed is good” when it comes to being financially successful. You can watch the video here.

A point was brought up too about how there are billionaires in the world who are extremely generous which makes that phrase not true. I was really thinking about this and while it is true in many ways, I think it’s more like being generous to everyone is for suckers. Even speaking from personal experience, for most people you would think that the cause of losing a lot of money would be living beyond your means, buying useless items you don’t need or say gambling it away in a casino. Even in my case, the number one way I have lost the most money in my life was being too generous.

This ranged from say loaning a long-time friend five figures only to never see a penny back to helping start-up entrepreneurs who claimed that once you help them they will in-return do good for others. In cases like these they never turned out good. Like in these cases, if I was simply greedy as oppose to being generous I definitely would have had a lot more money. Would I say that being generous in general is the culprit? In some ways yes but in many ways no.

It’s almost bad to say, but when it comes to money the only common theme I have seen is if you are generous based purely on the emotional factor then you are asking for trouble. Even if it is the person that claims to be your best friend, you need to be generous but still treat the whole scenario as if you are investing with a stranger.

It can be the same for a charity. If you are simply giving away all your time and money because the charity claims they are there to help the kids don’t be surprised if it turns out to be like scam. Like in that case you really need to research about the organization as well. Some of the best moments for me in life has been when my generous deeds made such a profound positive impact in someone else’s life. However, for everyone one person that is deserving there are probably like nine others who just want to take from you. I guess a funny way to put it is that you need to be greedy on who you can be generous to.