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Contests With A Creative Elements

Sunday, July 20th, 2014 by

I was thinking today as I bumped into this link at that is essentially a contest to win a $50 Tim Hortons’ card. This is one of the contests where they require people to create something fun where apparently a winner will be chosen that way. I was thinking, are people more inclined to enter contests to get free stuff it was simply an entry form submission or if it had creative elements like this?

In some crazy way I was thinking that having creative elements can probably generate more response as people will probably think that it is more skill based and therefore they have more odds of winning. Then again, maybe I am underestimating how the majority of people simply don’t want to do anything and just wants free stuff usually.

For myself, in this case I was more inclined to see what it was about because of the creative element even though I don’t really have a use for the prize myself.

Trying Too Many Money Making Businesses At Once

Saturday, July 19th, 2014 by

I was doing some research on an individual recently where not too long ago I know for a fact she was provided with a lot of help and support to try and get back on her feet financially as it seemed like she kept getting herself into businesses that ultimately don’t work out. Not surprisingly too, virtually all of these businesses have a buy in fee of some sort.

What surprised me in this situation was how many of them she was trying to do at once. Her justification for it was kind of interesting as she was expressing how a lot of people say that to succeed you need to fail. So if anything trying all these businesses is simply a way to fast forward your chances of success. I personally think this is too lottery mentality. If you are going to try running a lot of different businesses then I would think you would have to have them on auto drive. I don’t think anyone is crazy enough to try and work at two jobs for example where both businesses require you to physically be there from nine to five.

I agree with the notion that you have to get over your fear failing so that you are actually doing something, but at the same time that means giving it our all too to try and make something successful. Treat it like your baby I guess is the best way to put.

Using Unorthodox Tools That Can Achieve The Same Result

Friday, July 18th, 2014 by

This was funny I thought as I am in the midst of working on a fun project with a person where we felt that doing some pre-production planning would help a lot in terms of deciding exactly what kind of angles are needed for a film. While there are options such as using expensive software specifically for this purpose, he mentioned that he could use this free video game where you can create objects and record video as if you are a camera and use that as a reference.

As silly as that sounded, it actually works for what we needed. Many times when you think about it, a lot of our tools and resources can be used for more than what it is labelled for. In fact, sometimes there are items that are literally the same thing but are labelled differently for marketing purposes. I’ve seen things as silly as regular batteries simply saying “for use with” certain products and businesses sell it for a premium price as a result.

These are the types of things that usually a child would have an easier time with when it comes to using things for other purposes than intended. Sometimes we all need to think like that.

Life Disadvantages As An Advantage

Thursday, July 17th, 2014 by

I saw an interesting scenario today where there were a group of people who had to essentially sell themselves by first saying their name and something interesting about themselves. Most people did the basic such as saying their name followed by some kind of funny experience they had. One person mentioned that they actually had a lot of prosthetics and the whole room just kind of went silent. It was a shocker as typically it is fair to assume that they have to work way harder to be on the same level as everyone else.

Just kind of makes you think that what people would normally view as a negative for themselves can be a good positive to make them stand out business wise. Doesn’t everyone like a good comeback story for example? People often say that whenever you are trying to market anything that you need to find a way to stand out. Many times we don’t have to look any further than all of the unique situations we all had to go through even if they aren’t pleasant.

Crowd Funding Can Be Funny

Saturday, July 5th, 2014 by

This was just kind of odd as I stumbled upon this crowd funding project on Kickstarter as you can see here:

Okay, unless I am missing something it is literally just a person saying that they are going to make a potato salad where the funding goal was $10. Yet as you can see the project already reached almost $3700:


It’s funny as there are a ton of people who try to raise thousands with no luck yet something like this generates a lot of money. I guess it goes to show you that sometimes it is simply about being entertaining to raise money as opposed to trying to sell people into an idea. Kind of like the whole investing in people mentality. You see something new every day……..