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Would You Help A Business From Being Scammed

Saturday, November 22nd, 2014 by

The other day I was in a store doing some price checking and I noticed that the employee was getting frustrated with a customer. From what I gathered, the customer was trying to return a camera to get a full refund and at first claimed it has never been opened. Upon inspection it appeared the box was tampered with and so the employee decided to check the content of the box to ensure everything was there.

The customer then started to tell a story on how she wants to return the item because she noticed that the battery was already in the camera upon opening it which tells her that the product has been previously used. Of course that is contradicting. As a result, she then kept talking about how she just wants a refund quickly. The employee got a little frustrated saying they need to check everything as they have been scammed many times such as people returning items with a brick inside the package.

I felt like helping out in the situation as I do have retail experience where I have pretty much seen it all in terms of illegitimate returns and it seemed like the employee wasn’t too knowledge about the item. For example, it’s not uncommon in a scenario like this for the person to return the item where they swap it with a lower quality battery. Would you be inclined to jump in when it comes to situations like this to help the business?

I remember when I was a kid I saw someone shoplift a bag of potato chips and I informed the owner about it. The reaction was very odd as he essentially told me to mind my own business as it doesn’t affect me. So that showed me sometimes it’s better to not get involved in another company’s business, so to speak. It’s stuff like this that usually creates higher prices for everyone else too.

Silly Shipment Stipulations

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014 by

About a year ago I pre-ordered some items where if you bought a couple of products at the same time you would get a rather big discount. Now the thing was each item had a different release date and so not everything would get shipped at once. It just so happens that I wanted to change the shipping address to make the delivery more convenient. However, apparently because one item had shipped a few months ago the company stated that they can`t change it.

Kind of silly if you think about it huh? Imagine if you moved to a new address and the company would still forward it to the old address. Would be worst if all your ID and everything stated a different address too and the shipment happened to go to an outlet. It’s one of those things as a business where I would think it’s easy to do but requires manual labor adjustments which they are not in the mood to do. Not too big of a deal overall for myself, but it makes me think how a business shouldn’t be cheap in investing in solutions to enable people to adjust simple items like this.

Online Price Matching Scams Used On Traditional Big Box Stores

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 by

I think most of us are pretty happy to have traditional big box retailers being willing to price match items that we find cheaper online as long as it is from an authorized retailer. Imagine my surprise today when I was reading how there were people creating fake listings on reputable online retail sites where products are listed at rock bottom prices. Afterwards, people would go to a tradition retail store and ask for a price match such as printing out a copy of the page or having the retailer visit the site to verify.

One of the most prominent examples I was reading was how people were buying Playstation 4 consoles for extremely cheap. The example starts like this where a person uses a site like Amazon and creates a fake listing as you can see here:


To the untrained eye this looks perfectly legitimate where a product that is normally say $399 is on sale for $89.99. So a customer can then bring this into a company like Walmart and ask them to price match this. In many cases, people have successfully got the transaction to go through.

I’m one for saving money, but this is just wrong and a scam where it will ruin legitimate requests for others. So if you are a store owner who has price matching policies here’s a very easy way to tell if it is legitimate or not. Take a look at the screenshot I have above for example. Usually on sites like Amazon you can clearly distinguish if the item is from them or a third party by looking at the field near the price where it says the item is “Ship from and sold by.” In this case, the company is “AmzonElectronics.”

That should be an instant auto reject for a price protection as it is almost no different than an Ebay listing in many ways which a retailer would not price match. This information can be useful for the regular shoppers too where if the price looks too good you can use the same information to determine if it’s actually from the online retailer or not. If you are one of those retailers that these people are targeting train your employees please to lookout for those details.

Are Ketchup Chips That Rare

Friday, November 14th, 2014 by

Was this a shocker for me. Not too long ago I reconnected with a friend who moved to a different country and he was telling me how one thing he missed in Canada was ketchup chips. I was thinking, don’t they have this everywhere? Apparently not according to him and he really wanted some. So, I offered to one day find him some and ship it out.

For fun I decided to research this in places like Amazon and holy moly the prices are insane as you can see here:



Are you kidding me? Like almost $10 a bag? People are buying it too. On average without a sale these are like $2 here.


I swear you could pretty much make a part-time business from home just selling these. Again, I thought this would be a common item. Just goes to show how the things we think are not very valuable can be worth so much more in other countries.

Confusing Brand Label Similarities

Sunday, November 9th, 2014 by

While in the supermarket today I did my usual price comparison to see if there were any new deals to be found. I decided to look at the sardines as there was usually a brand that costs about 67 cents per can. However, I was surprised when I saw that the price was labelled as over $1. Upon further inspection though, I realized it was actually a different product and brand. Take a look at the two labels of these:


From what I gathered, it seemed like one is from China and the other is from the Philippines along with different ingredients. Unless these are like subsidiaries of the same company it’s kind of amazing on how companies can brand its products to be so identical. That’s one reason to stay updated with your prices. If there is all of a sudden a huge price discrepancy from what you are familiar with then it usually means something must be different.