Unadvertised Cheap Deals That You Randomly Encounter

February 1st, 2014 by

While walking around a wholesale store today this caught my eye as the place normally did not sell DVD movies. Upon reading the sign, as you can see here they are trying to sell essentially 10 packs of DVD movies for $10.


That basically works out to about $1 a movie which is even cheaper than what I usually see during sales events like Boxing Day. Most of the movies are pretty old, but in the bundle were even things like children’s cartoon. So in that sense this could be a good stocking stuffer. It reminded me too on how many times deals like these are unadvertised where you need like a network of buddies to tell you where the best deals are.

I might end up buying a pack which may make a good gift later this year for someone. This must be like a small business or flee market operator’s gold mine though as I can see people easily reselling the movies for more.

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