Chinese New Years

January 31st, 2014 by

Happy Chinese new years all. Seems like a lot of the stores were pretty busy today with people buying dinner items in preparation for family meals and all. Just like Christmas too there are so much specialty candy that stores bring in for these events that I am pretty sure next week you can expect big sales in an effort to get rid of that excess inventory.

I think that is like a theme if you ever want good discounts on sweets where all you need to do is wait one week after holiday. For example, next will probably be valentine’s day and then Easter shorty after. For store prices, in some cases I found it silly that supermarkets that specifically carry Asian products end up having higher prices than its counterparts which I could only assume is a result of the company wanting to take advantage of the holiday rush.

For example, I was looking for a guava today and went to a supermarket called T&T which sold it for like $1.87 lb. Just like a five minute walk away there was a Superstore and for the same item it was $1.37 lb. These two chains are owned by the same company too. Like always, gotta do your price comparison. Happy new years all.

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