Same Price For More Product

January 30th, 2014 by

I was walking in a supermarket today for the sole reason of price checking as I was thinking of doing some shopping later in the week. One item I was looking for was the prices for cereal and it was so weird to see the pricing of these items. In the same store for example there was one box of 300 grams that cost about $2 and there was another one consisting of 600 grams for the same price.

I was then thinking, why would anyone get the smaller one? The only thing I could think of was maybe the store did that on purpose as a way to convince people to buy the bigger item as they simply want to get rid of the stock. I know that can work on people as in these instances the shopper feels like they outsmarted the company, so to speak, and so they go ahead and buy it.

I know sometimes it is just due to one item being on sale and the other isn’t, but usually I would say it is intentional to get people to buy things. It was funnier in this case as the smaller item was actually marked as clearance too. Go figure.

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