Waiting Closer To The Tax Deadline For Better Software And Service Deals

January 18th, 2014 by

Funny enough, when it comes to doing our taxes it’s usually better to get it done early for things like getting a refund earlier. However, usually when it comes to software or tax services everything is so much cheaper when it is closer to the tax deadline.

One good example was last year I needed to buy a tax software for a corporate account and it was about $150. I know for a fact that the more common price towards the deadline is more like $60. That is a pretty significant savings. Reason is pretty simple as since there is a huge demand for the items during that time then every business will pretty much drop the prices to try and capture as much sales as they can.

Keep in mind too there are free tax submission options for people within a certain income bracket or through non commercialized software. So in those cases you can just do it earlier without any financial implications other than getting everything done earlier.

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