Net Neutrality Ruling That Sides With Big Telecoms

January 14th, 2014 by

There was some news going around today on how a US court essentially shot down net neutrality rules which essentially makes it so that telecoms can’t play favourites when it comes to Internet data such as charging you more to access certain sites. You can read a detailed report of this at

To get a better idea of what this means, think of your situation right now where we all subscribe to some kind of Internet access service. With this service we can browse different websites, use various social media sites or even watch video clips. However, with this ruling it is essentially saying that the government in a sense has no right/power to enforce companies to abide by this kind of process. As a result, a telecom company can for example create special plans where if you pay more money for a special subscription then it will allow you to access a specific site faster.

Worst case scenario, as opposed to having one Internet access service for say $30/month, maybe your bill and options will look something like this:

*Basic website access plans $20/month: Have access to all of your favourite North American .com sites as well as unlimited access to your e-mails.

Additional Features
+$5/month for access to North American .net and .org sites
+$15/month for access to social media sites
*Does not include social media platform and video sites. (ie, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, etc)

Premium website access Plan
*Premium website access plan $60/month: Have full access to all domestic and international websites. As well, you will receive 60 minutes free each month of Internet access for your VOIP related services.

Additional Features
+$15/month for access to social media sites
*Does not include social media platform and video sites. (ie, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, etc)

Specific Site And Service Access Plans

Netflix Access: For only $5/month you can use your connection to stream videos from Netflix anywhere in the house. (Netflix service subscription is not included)

Online gaming package: For only $15/month you can take advantage of your video game’s online subscription service. This will allow you to connect online to take advantage of popular game such as Minecraft, World of Warcraft or Facebook games such as Farmville. (Individual game subscription fees not included)

Okay, maybe I am over exaggerating a bit as to what a company would do, but technically that is what a company can do with this ruling. Makes you wonder from a business perspective if one would go ahead and make these kinds of changes because you can even though it will probably be very unpopular. Will be interesting if this ruling gets changed or not.

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