Unsubscribing Something Old For Something New

January 8th, 2014 by

I was watching some news from that CES 2014 event today and there was this one news I read about the WWE where they were launching their own network. By the sounds of it the service was basically subscription based for about $9.99 a month and you can get unlimited access to its shows on various platforms. They did use the value selling approach such as how you would probably pay like $50 for one pay-per view event whereas here you can get that as part of the monthly fee.

It definitely is a substantial saving if you are someone who normally pays to watch the events. At the same time I was reading how all these people who don’t normally subscribe to the events would now as it seems so cheap in comparison. I guess this is the financial discipline part as if you normally wouldn’t have spent the money anyways then regardless of how cheap it is it is essentially an extra expense. I think in these cases we usually get too lazy in re-balancing our budgets where if you are going to get something new then that means something else usually has to go if you are in a tight money situation.

I think the best examples are magazine subscriptions where many people subscribe to everything because it is so cheap and the next thing you know they have a library of magazines that they essentially can’t afford. I know for myself when it comes to an entertainment budget like these I try not to have too many ongoing subscriptions at once because I feel I am not really getting the full value of it if I have so many services. No point in having and paying for like 500 TV channels for example as there isn’t enough time to watch them all. Therefore, I usually look to unsubscribe various services if I intend to try out another. It helps in organizing your money I find in terms of really figuring out if you really use the whole service, so to speak, to justify paying whatever monthly fee is attached to it.

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