Time For Boxing Day Flyer Leaks

December 18th, 2013 by

It’s not even Christmas yet but it seems like those boxing day flyers are already leaking out. It’s kind of a good time too as even for myself I wonder if I should be waiting for boxing day to get a good deal or if the deal I can get now will be just as good. It’s funny how so many items aren’t really on sale at all. For example, in a Walmart flyer I see that they are selling a one litre apple juice for a dollar when you can usually get the same thing for like 75 cents on a regular sale.

In many ways it seems like retailers are simply trying to capitalize on how people will automatically assume that any sale prices on that day will be the best prices of the year. It seems like a lot of businesses are offering its boxing day sales online on December 24th. So if you want to avoid the lineups it might not be a bad idea to simply shop online instead.

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