All The Different Terms To Simply Say A Sale

December 5th, 2013 by

Today I was visiting some stores that I haven’t shopped at just to get a feel for the prices and the type of products that were offered. At first it was hard to tell which items they had on sale as stereotypically I would expect huge signs or ones with bright colours to make them stand out. In these cases they used terms such as “price cut” to indicate that these are the items they are currently offering for a discount.

I was the thinking of all the other terms that other businesses use. For example, manager specials, rollbacks, deals of the weeks and so fourth. It’s almost like when you are shopping in various stores you have to learn about the culture and its terminologies as well in order to understand where all the best deals are. Otherwise you are essentially just paying close to retail suggested prices for everything. Basically, one stores use of the word “sale” may not mean the same as another. The good thing is this is something you can learn in like five minutes just by doing a quick walk down the aisles.

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