Shopping Far Away Even If The Price Is The Same

December 1st, 2013 by

I think this was kind of odds as I was told how there was a person who was adamant about buying an item across the border where the initial price of the item was cheaper. However, when you add in all the fees of getting it across the border such as having to pay duty on the item it pretty much results in the same price. Apparently he was still adamant about shopping this way though.

Apparently the main logic about it was that most of the time the prices are cheaper even with duty fees and if it does end up the same then it is no different. The main thing is that this way he is keeping in-tune with prices in say the US where this increases his odds of getting better deals that he wouldn’t have known otherwise due to constantly looking at local deals which he felt were always more expensive.

In some ways it make sense. At the same time, I personally find it silly when people do this for things like groceries. For example, I have often seen news reports of people going south of the border to simply buy some milk because it is cheaper. I would imagine the traveling back and fourth for everyday items like those would actually cost you money in the long run. I think it is a good idea to stay in-tune with both. However, shopping local helps me to save more overall. I think the big thing is you need to stop only comparing big box stores or large chains and really explore your local and small businesses as well.

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