Just Being A Spectator During The Shopping Madness

November 29th, 2013 by

There wasn’t any particular deal that I wanted today as for the most part the sales I saw didn’t seem too impressive. One thing that never seems the change though are the amount of people who will literally fight with each other to try and grab the best deals. It seems like nowadays everyone is armed with a smart-phone ready to capture the madness too. Even on Youtube I was seeing all these clips of shoppers that seem to think it’s like a game show competition of some sort. There definitely aren’t any shortage of videos like this:

I would expect say starving people to fight over some kind of food source like this. But not for things like a TV. For myself I am usually interested in seeing what other people are buying the most as researching the price afterwards to see if it is really a good deal or not gives me a lot of insight about various businesses and how they may say potentially trick people into thinking it is a good deal. One of the many ways to become a savvier shopper.

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