Excessive Meal Budget

September 6th, 2013 by

Today I was listening to the budget that a company had in place when it came to workers requiring to travel to different areas to do work. From what I heard, each person was given about a $45/day allowance for their meals. Basically, that comes down to spending about $15 for each meal a day. Coming from a more frugal mindset I couldn’t help but to think how high of an allowance that is. For $45 I could probably buy enough meals for the whole week if I was comparing it to buying items from the supermarket as opposed to dining out.

It did make me wonder if anyone actually has this kind of budget in mind when it comes to their daily food budget under normal circumstances. For example, people that go to work where everyday they buy their lunch as opposed to making their own. Like there, does $15 for a meal seem normal? Doing that for thirty days alone would be about $450. Now imagine doing that for all your meals each day for thirty days which equals to about $1350.

If you are looking to find ways to save money then this is definitely a category that you should consider evaluating I think. In most cases all it really takes to change the mentality here is to go shopping with a person that knows their stuff when it comes to good supermarket deals. Once you see things like the cos of something as simple as a piece of fruit compared to what a restaurant would charge for the same thing it will make you more sensitive to how much you spend for food. Essentially, once you know the average prices you tend to want to get an equal value for what you buy even if it is dining out.

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