Buying One Large or A Few Small Ones

July 11th, 2013 by

So today when I went to the supermarket I saw that there were these rather large watermelons for sale for almost fifteen dollars. My first thought was questioning whether or not it was a good value.

These large ones just happened to be next to a box of more common sized ones and as you can see those were almost four dollars.

I was really thinking about that as it seemed like you could literally buy about four of the regular sized watermelons which would equal a lot more product than that gigantic one for fifteen dollars. For fun I even placed it side by side to compare as you can see:

If anything it felt more like buying the bigger one would be more for the novelty of it as opposed to the value. Unless some fruit expert out there can explain why the bigger one would be better in say taste or something. Either way I guess you still have to always compare the value of items like these as opposed to assuming you will automatically getting a better value from the bigger items.

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