Bank Paper Statement Fees

March 2nd, 2013 by

To my surprise today I was just doing my daily banking and noticed that there was this “statement fee” in my account. I’m usually pretty good at keeping updating with new fees and such that companies introduce but this one kind of caught me by surprise. Based on the name of the fee I assumed it was due the bank now wanting to charge people who receive statements in the mail. Sure enough, after some research I read this line stating “A fee of $2.00 per month is applied for each paper statement you receive.”

While it isn’t too big of a deal as I usual opt to use digital billings such as with my cell phone, it’s unfortunate that they didn’t do a force warning to people about these changes. For example, even in the most basic online service sites they will force you to read about any changes in the fee agreements before you can proceed forward. I can see this surprising a lot of people and I’m sure that extra $2 from millions of people sure adds up for the bank. So make sure to check your bank plans and fee agreements

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