Enticing With Treats

January 17th, 2013 by

This was kind of cute I thought. I was at the supermarket and as usual there were some employees walking around the store trying to sell people into signing up for the company’s credit card. The incentive they used was kind of interesting though. You may think like nowadays most people use like coupons or how people can get X amount off their purchase as an incentive. For this particular strategy they were offering free boxes of cookies. Yes, boxes of cookies.

I was just thinking if that really worked with adults as you usually only hear the mention of that more as a joke unless you are trying to entice children. Funny enough it seemed like initially a lot of people would react positively mainly because they thought the tore was literally just giving them away. It was a good hook I must say to enable the person to start the sales pitch because you don’t expect it to be a tactic to sell credit cards usually.

Makes me wonder as silly as that sounds if that would work with things like a real estate agent where they would say get free boxes of cookies if you choose them over others.

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