Closing Sales For Your Food Needs

November 18th, 2012 by

Apparently a Zellers store at Metrotown mall is closing down tomorrow and my first thought was to drop by to see if there would be any good deals. A person then asked me if there was even anything that I needed to buy otherwise I am kind of wasting money. That is usually the first thing I think about too. However, in this case I was thinking the place does have like a mini grocery department too. For example, maybe canned stuff would be good as they last a long time and it is usually stuff that you eventually buy.

It does sound kind of sketchy I must admit in terms of buying things like groceries from a store that is closing down. The assumption is that you are getting everything that has already or is near to expiring. Though I would say that is up to you to actually inspect the product before buying it just like any other time. Either way, no harm in looking I say as if they really want to liquidate everything then there must be some good deals.

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