One Big Or A Lot of Small Popular Items

November 16th, 2012 by

This got me thinking a bit today as I was looking at how this one company was growing where it was kind of mind boggling at first as all of its work seemed to garner very little attention. This made me wonder how in the world they could claim that they were so big as it’s almost like comparing a TV network where one network has a million views for a show and the one I saw on their network has like maybe one thousand. Turns out, they just have thousands of small sites that each generate very little business. I guess you can say it adds up.

It made me think too because people often get so discouraged as they try to make something that can compete with the big guys and when they compare the numbers it just doesn’t seem note worthy from one versus one standpoint. But like in this example sometimes quantity can be a legitimate way to build something large and successful too. Of course the quality has to be there, but for all the time and effort you spend in trying to make this one perfect item that may or may not be the jackpot for you this way can be a little less risk in many ways. Obviously it works for some so it’s something to consider.

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