Sacrificing Respect For Results

November 14th, 2012 by

I was reading a situation today where two organizations were competing in the same field. So like most things they have to do the leg work in order to get awareness for their services and at the same time making it profitable. The interesting thing was that one organization all of a sudden was getting some extra push from a bigger company due to knowing people on the inside while offering “incentives”and so it gave them a boost just based on that alone. That then created a debate where people were saying they respected the other organization more as they were still trying to earn their spot in the industry by being the best service provider. However, others were saying that respect was useless as the bottom line is the other organization is getting results with the way they are doing it.

That’s interesting to think about too as many times you often get caught up in a situation where it’s either you do what seems to be the best way to maintain your character and standards in hopes that it translates to success out of respect as someone will recognize it or you simply do what works. It’s almost like the debate of whether the nice or bad guy finishes last. Do you personally care if at the end of the day say no one respects your methods on how you got to the top as long as you got there for example?

Even simple things like that is usually contradicting I think such as a person saying you should always cater to what people are telling you and at the same time the same person could be saying you shouldn’t care what others think. I suppose too it comes down to how bad you want something huh?

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