Compensating For Your Service Provider’s Errors

October 22nd, 2012 by

Today I saw quite a few sites on the Internet go down and apparently what they all had in common was that they were using Amazon’s Cloud services. The most interesting aspect of this scenario I thought was how this obviously stopped businesses from serving its customers and the customers don’t immediately think that it is Amazon’s fault as opposed to the company itself. As a result, businesses then have to think of ways to compensate people just to keep them happy. Funny enough, even when they tried to explain it to some people that there is an outage that affected a ton of businesses people still don’t understand.

I suppose like in this example you always have to be prepared to deal with these issues as if it was you that caused say a downtime as oppose to hoping people will understand and not expect some form of compensation for it. In some ways it is no different than hiring say a contractor that did a bad job as it wouldn’t be wise to just say “It was the third party contractor’s fault.” It is a lot easier to communicate to people about the issues though as generally speaking even linking to third party articles is a good way to get people to at least be patient.

It’s is funny to see that something as simple as hosting a mini game with your customers can be enough to calm everyone down.

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