Too Much Energy In Trying To Prove Others Wrong

September 19th, 2012 by

This kind of made me wonder today where I was reading some articles from a person who was simply explaining what has worked for him in terms of managing his time. For example, the type of gadgets or software that he uses on the road so that he can manage his business anywhere. The thing was he wasn’t saying it as if it was the holy grail or anything as it was simply a person sharing what and why he does it.

The amazing thing was that there were a few people who were so caught up for some reason in trying to downplay his choices and being negative in a way where they were implying that he was giving people bad advice and that people must do it another way. As expected too, most of these people were aspiring to do the things that this person has or is already doing.

I never had the opportunity to ask people that have this mindset on why they are so focused in trying to take others down yet at the same time they are complaining that they are looking for solutions for their own aspirations. Isn’t it better to use that energy in a more positive light? Even in this example, I’m sure if they disagreed with the person that simply explaining why and asking what he thought about it is probably a lot more productive. Therefore, your energy isn’t focused so much in trying to prove someone wrong as opposed to using that energy to create a better solution that may be more fitting for a wider audience.

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