Sitting Back As Competitors Go After One Another

April 11th, 2012 by

Normally you would think the best strategy to being successful is to always compete against the big guys to try and get more marketshare, so to speak. However, at times it could be better for you to simply stay in the background to build up your own company/organization while other people are so focused in trying to compete against each other.

A person was telling me this example today as I was observing the growth in this company and from an outsider’s perspective there were two organizations that I thought were the most well off based on the sheer numbers. However, the funny thing is at the end of the day the big guys weren’t really better off financially compared to someone that was half their size. The simple reason being the smaller guy didn’t have to deal with the constant competition since he is under the radar and just did his own thing.

Kind of makes you think where if sometimes you are trying too hard to be in the spotlight, so to speak, as opposed to just focusing on what makes sense in order to grow.

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