Fake Contests For Motivation

March 19th, 2012 by

I was reading today about some tactics that a business used to help motivate its employees to try and exceed sales goals. One thing that usually motivates people is knowing that they are in competition with some else. For example, franchises often have contests where the store who makes the most sale in a certain day will receive prizes for all its staff for example.

The interesting thing was reading how in this particular case the competition was non existent as everyone ends up as the winner regardless. How often would some actually check the numbers too when you think about it as if your store manager told you that the store won for example people would immediately just start celebrating while reaping the rewards. I guess when you think about it they aren’t really hurting anyone by doing stuff like that and if it helps to motivate people then I guess you can argue it’s almost like telling a child that if they do good then you will give them a gift.

I don’t think that would have ever worked at the places I worked in as usually I had access to numbers for others as well and so that is where the motivation comes from in terms of trying to do better.

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