Learning From Those That Make Less Too

March 16th, 2012 by

I was watching a clip today where there was a lot of financial management advice given from people who have been wealthy for quite a few years. While there was nothing wrong with the advice, it’s interesting I think that many people overlook how you can learn a lot from those people that survive while making less than you do. Most often enough I found they can’t afford to just pay whatever price they see and so they try harder to find better deals.

This can be things such as where they find all their coupons from to how they know what place will have the best deals on various days. Another reason that you may want to observe financial strategies from these groups of people is that more often enough people who are more well off want to charge you some kind of fee just to learn what and how they do it. I often see that the frugal savers who aren’t millionaires for example are more prone to sharing their strategies for free.

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