Saying Too Much When You Are Speaking As The Business

February 20th, 2012 by

I was reading an interesting situation today about an organization that was looking to purchase advertisements from various companies in an effort to promote one of their upcoming events. The natural thing they thought of was to buy advertising space from various places that had the type of people they felt would be interested in what they offered.

There was an interesting situation out of this though as for one place in particular they were constantly denied the chance to purchase any advertising space because overall the organization thought what they offered was a scam of sort. At first they didn’t outright say that but rather swayed them off. After a bit of going back and fourth eventually the organization did say why they didn’t have confident that what they wanted to advertise was legitimate and began writing lots of examples of well known scams.

I guess you can say the people who were looking to buy advertisements took full advantage of that and started to accuse the organization of a lot of things such as being bias which ironically has then given them more advertisement then they probably would have gotten with an ad. I was then thinking how it probably would have been better if the business said less in this case. Example, at worst it probably would have been safer just to say they need more information about the person’s services and so at this point they unfortunately can’t ofter them any advertising space. Such a dangerous situation to be in too if you are being opinionated and speaking as the business.

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