Showing How Much You Lose Versus How Much They Saved

October 26th, 2010 by

I recognize that for lot of people they usually only want to see themselves gaining in a situation such as when it comes to earning money. But it was funny to see a company actually try to cater to this mindset when it comes to listing its sale prices. Essentially, usually when you see something on sale the company would list the suggested retail price along with the current sale price. They also mark down how much you would be saving by buying it now.

This approach was a little different as instead of saying how much money you saved they would write down how much the company is losing. Imagine say the company bought a product from a manufacturer that costs them $50 and the suggested retail price was $100. So if they sold it for $75 they would say that they are losing $25 this week if you buy it. Kind of an interesting approach I thought.

I would think this approach would work well in an impulsive setting like a clearance auction of some sort since everyone’s mentality is to buy things at a steal in those situations.

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